Just an average morning in small town Japan?

My 10 year old daughter was in a flap this morning because she has to do some rice planting at school today along with a dentist check, and has a long list of things to prepare. She knew about this last Friday, and remembered again last night. I guess she couldn’t be bothered to sort it out then. She put her phone on charge (forgot to do it last night) then flapped around because she doesn’t have a hand mirror (for the dentist check). “I don’t either, you will have to go without,” I said. Then she needed two laundry pegs and I only have one. Cursing her un-girl guide-like mother, she huffed around at the speed of a snail (hard to imagine, eh?).  

Luka decided he would fill his flask from the spout without taking the top off first. Our whole kitchen, and some of the dining room, got a good shower.
They left for school. Ten minutes later, I got a unknown call to my phone. I rejected it. When they rang again a few seconds later, I decided to answer it. It was Hannah. “Mummy, I forgot my sandals” (for the rice planting)
“Oh, did you?” I replied.

“Can you bring them?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I replied.

Big huff and she HUNG UP on me…it begins. Right, definitely not taking them now.  She won’t be able to do the rice planting, that’s kind of a shame…maybe I should take them.  NO, stand firm.  It was only last week I took her flask when she forgot it AGAIN, and that was only because they cut off the water and otherwise there might be health implications.  Besides, she HUNG UP on me!!!  Looked around the room briefly and realised she had also forgotten her phone (hence the pay phone call), and her lunch set.  There is no hope.  

Took Freyja to nursery.  There was some huffing and puffing when I said we weren’t going by bike today because I’m tired and I have some errands to run and it’s like 6,000 degrees outside already.  Small tantrum outside when I took a bigger bite than she would have liked of the only strawberry we could pick today (for the record, she still got at least two thirds of it).  Successfully dropped her off at school, realised I’d left my bank books at home and was thankful that I’d come by car so I could whizz back and pick them up.  Then I whizzed to the post office to withdraw some money.  Post office car park was full (easy because there are only 6 spaces.  Had to screw myself into the end space anticipating about 10 manoeuvres.  Man came out of post office and started hammering the horn while I was reversing.  I think when he started, I was about a metre away from his farm truck.  I have a rear camera, so I can tell how close I am to what’s behind me.  I know his truck is there, and I’m slowly reversing.  The closest I would have been is about 30cm, which I understand probably looks a bit scary from the car behind, but I didn’t touch his truck.  Pulled forward to do my second manoeuvre.  Queue non-stop horn-blowing and Elmer Fudd in my wing mirror.  I opened my window, smiled my sweetest smile and said,

“大丈夫ですよ。” (“It’s ok.”)

To which he replied, “大丈夫じゃねいよ” (“It’s not ok” in a rather confrontational tone) and walked back to his truck.

Ok, he’s pissed off, and he’s not going to be reasonable.  I rolled up the window, locked my door and continued to park.  The whole time, he’s going apeshit on the horn, and at one point, he comes over to the window and starts hammering on it.  This is the point where I started to feel a bit scared, but I calmly managed to continue and park my car.  I didn’t hit his car, I wasn’t rude to him (unless ignoring him at the window it considered rude), I didn’t do anything wrong.  As soon as I had parked up, he drove off.  I noticed that my hands were shaking and I was on the verge of getting upset, but then I remembered my favourite quote, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”, and I really didn’t want this deranged old man to ruin my day.  The more I calmed down, the more ridiculous it all was.  What a sad little man.

Right, that over with, off to pick up some stationery for work, then withdraw cash from the bank, off to the conveni to deposit other cash (this three bank business drives me nuts), and home by 10a.m.  Now to start on the housework and lesson prep.  Already thinking about counting down the hours until beer time.


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