Konmari – SEWING!

Now you would think this one would be hard for me, but it was surprisingly easy.  I think partly because of doing this process and partly because I had bought a lot of fabric on special, and more than I really needed, so it was easy to see what I would use and what I wouldn’t.  For example, the ribbed jersey that I bought in three different colours of 2m each since it was sold as a lot.  Considering that would only be used for collars and cuffs, that was waaaay too much.  The fabric especially took up two full Japanese cupboard style long plastic drawers, and several big boxes that occupied my bedroom closet, the playroom closet and L’s room shelf.  Kondo recommends gettin rid of all spare buttons.  I have a small tin of buttons and I love them.  I have very fond memories of playing with my Grandma’s button tin as a child and I suppose that has stayed with me.  I think when you love sewing, then spare buttons have a whole new meaning.  I cut buttons off clothing I no longer need too.  Buttons are staying 😉  I think F would agree:


And, maybe the most dramatic change…after:


Literally ALL of my sewing things.  Fabric, wadding and interfacing, elastic, needles, thread and tools, books and patterns.  This was a BIG relief and such a massive footprint!  I got to throw out the two drawers too, so loads of space in our cupboard!



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