Konmari – Household Equipment

This was tricky..the categories are getting less specific.  Household equipment could be pretty much anything that you use in your house..right?!  I decided to tackle boring stuff..sewing equipment is supposed to be part of it, but you know, I love sewing, so to me, I only felt it right that sewing be placed in it’s own category.

On this day, I sorted stationery, and then went on to treat sewing as a seperate thing.  Stationery was easy.  I had sorted this out not so long ago, so there wasn’t much to go through.  I still threw stuff away though, that goes without saying.  But it was easy.  No attachment.


Aaaand after:


The main offenders here (apart from the random rubbers) were postcards.  I used to have a whole load of postcards on my wall when I was at uni., and so I kept these as you would a piece of artwork.  As much as I still appreciate these, I don’t really want them in my home anymore, so I sent them on their way.  A week later, Y had messed up this drawer already.  I could strangle him.


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