Konmari – Electrical

OMG, I. HATE. ELECTRONICS!  Except for this iPad, sorry IPad..but for the love of all things that are battery and mainline powered, HOW MANY CABLES DOES ONE FAMILY NEED?!?!

Marie Kondo recommends throwing out all cables that are unidentified.  Hey Marie, I agree!  But my husband would have a massive fit if I threw away something that he needed..or at least thought he needed..ok, this is where I’m allowed to be angry at my husband again, because these things are communal and he is the master at keeping unnecessary cables.  Because all homes need 5 metre cables.  This is Japan..If I could swing a cat, it would hit the walls at all corners.  We certainly don’t need 5 metre cables..

Here is the before:


Now I think about it, I hadn’t got everything electrical here.  No alarm clocks, no computer, t.v. DVD player, etc.  I thought that was ok, since I know we will keep those things and the thought of unplugging them made my head hurt.  Actually, the electronics literally made my head hurt.  I could have done with a lie down afterwards.  Thankfully, it was a weekend, and although Y was out overnight for a work drinks thing, thankfully he came home happy enough to give the ok to throw out the things that weren’t necessary anymore.  It always takes longer when I have to involve him though.  Living with someone is kind of rubbish in that respect.

I have no after pic for this for some reason.  Probably because I was just so bloody annoyed with the whole thing.  The big stuff is all gone though, apart from the futon dryer which was vetoed by Y (if it were up to me it would be gone too).  All duplicate cables were thrown out and the torches..only two of those got kept.  Who needs so many torches anyways?!?  So glad this section is over..truly energy zapping.


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