Konmari – Valuables

This was fairly easy, as I generally kept my valuable stuff in two places, so it was easy to find everything.  I got rid of old passports – not sure why I kept these, although I did ask Y if he wanted his and he said he did, so that he could remember where he’d been to.  I don’t think I need to worry about forgetting where I’ve been, at least not yet, but I’m not really worried if I do.  He has a terrible memory, so maybe he’s just worried about forgetting.  I know for a fact that he’s never got his old passport out to look at it, but this isn’t his journey, it’s mine, so back his old passport goes.



And After:


I got rid of old boarding passes, which I have to admit, I always used to hold onto.  I have foreign currency, some which I’m doubtful I’ll use (Malaysian ringits and the odd Deutschmark). I got rid of the currency no longer in circulation and held onto the pounds, dollars and ringits.  Putting them in this little plastic box is much better than the covered box they were in.  A lot neater and easier to manage now.

And this whole time, F has been with me and has been very gracious.  I’ve been going through things non-stop and she’s not moaned at all.  There have been times where she’s wanted my attention so I’ve had to stop off a few times, but mostly she’s been busying herself too.



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