Konmari – Skin Care Products and Make up

Now anyone who knows me well will guess that this was easy peasy.  I don’t do much to my skin apart from the basics, so it was.  But I was still surprised to see how much stuff I had.  Afterwards I found several bits and bobs scattered around that also went in the bin.

So the before:




And the after:


I forced myself to use the face masks..the children didn’t like that much.  F wanted to know where her Mummy had gone..

So seeing as that was so easy, I moved on to the next category.  By the way, from CDs/DVDs, the categories are all sub-categories of Komono, which means “small things” in Japanese.  I really don’t think CDs should be classed as small things, but then I suppose it really depends on your outlook.  Anyway..next was Make up.  Also pretty easy!  When I worked my last full-time job, I wore make up every day.  Now I’d rather spend that time eating breakfast, so I rarely wear much make up these days.  Since I can’t find a foundation that doesn’t flake on my skin, I tend to stick to concealer and eye make up, and then only if I have time.



A lot of this was pretty old, and yet again, scattered around in random places.



This is way better, because I can just put it all in my make-up bag.  This is definitely the best part of this process.  I can find everything without having to think about it.



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