Konmari -Accessories

This was another hard one for me.  I had quite a bit of sentimental jewellery.  Most of my jewellery is not very expensive, but I had some pieces from my early 20s..eek..plus some things that had been given to me.  This was the second part of facing my past through “things”.  Such a weird thing to think that memories live in inanimate objects.



I had these all put away in baskets/boxes apart from the necklaces, which were hanging on hooks in my bathroom cupboard.



Oops…I missed a box of memories..

And after:



The necklaces went back in the bathroom, but when I cleared out that cupboard and decided to throw it out, the necklaces got upgraded to my underwear drawer.  This makes a lot of sense really.  Why shouldn’t I decide what jewellery to wear when I’m deciding what clothes to wear?  And I think it’s kinder to the chains to lay them flat anyway.


Another successful mission!  I think subconsciously, I put the ones I don’t care about so much in the left tray..they might be going after all.



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