Konmari -Documents/Papers

This was one of the best, but one of the most exhausting categories.  Nothing is sentimental about papers, but we had a lot.  Not just that, but most of them were in Japanese, so it took a little longer to decipher them all.  I had to save some of them for Y to sort out, since they looked important, or like guarantees, which are a necessary evil.

F helped as my ripper since I don’t have a shredder, but she got bored of that after a while, and my thumbs were worn out by the time I’d done ripping things up.  The best things I read about papers was to get rid of manuals.  We had a massive file box full of the damned things, and yep, Marie Kondo was right, some of the items had already been thrown out, and yet the manuals were still there. This process took around 3 hours, non-stop..yawn…

So the before:


This is where most of these papers lived, apart from the manuals, which were in the playroom cupboard.



And the after (ignore the labeling..that’s what they WERE used for):


These got slimmed down even more after Y had dealt with them, but it took him ages to do it because he couldn’t work out what all the guarantees were for.  Pretty great though, eh?  So much easier than having a crapload of categories to wade through.  All the documents are in one box now (the one on the right), so it’s way easier to just flick through those to find one we need.  Most of them are just guarantees anyway, so we don’t really need to look in there much.  Happy days!  Was so glad when this one was over..this totally zapped me.

After I’d done the papers, I went slightly out of the category and dealt with the coin banks I had on the shelf with the documents.  I had been collecting 500 and 100 yen coins in those little money boxes for over 10 years.  They are both closed tins and the idea is for you to save until they are full, then open with a tin opener and take out the money.  The 500 yen tin holds 500,000 yen when full and the 100 yen one holds 100,000 yen.  At first when I had them, I religiously put money in at least once a week.  I was earning a lot and had plenty to spare.  But seeing those tins and feeling how empty they were always made me feel like a failure.  I decided that was no good.  What’s the point then?  So I opened them and I felt as if a weight had been lifted.  There was 40,000 yen in the big one, and around 15,000 in the other.  Not bad.  I put the money in my savings account and now I feel much better.  Plus the coins took up so much space anyway.  I was able to take down the whole shelf.  Y had made it from the remnants of the children’s old bed because we had “nowhere to store the papers”. HA!  He put it up high where we wouldn’t notice it, but I did.  I noticed it all the time.  It interrupted the space and was in my eyeline all the time, as high as it was, I hated it.  Goodbye shelf!



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