Konmari – Clothes

This is supposed to be an easy category, but if you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know it’s not particularly easy for me.  But the time is right and after what I read, I was ready.  I had supposedly done my clothes some time before when I had started with the capsule wardrobe, so I didn’t have that much extra, or so I thought, but I still managed to get rid of two bags worth (and later, I realised a couple of other things could go too – a jumper and a coat).

So the before:


These are all of my clothes, including outerwear/underwear/swimwear, regardless of season.

And the after:


The left hand side, after the long dress is my husband’s clothing.  On my side, a much happier wardrobe.  Yes, it’s very dark…I wear a lot of darker colours and tend to accessorise with scarves and necklaces, etc.  Very happy with this!  The bottom had two massive storage bins with summer clothes in.  I didn’t picture this, but I have just one small box underneath now with a small amount of summer items inside.  Marie Kondo suggests combining the seasonal wear together, but I much prefer seperating the two.  I like seeing the change when the weather gets warmer.

So bags are included in the clothing section.  I was nervous about this at first, because I love my bags even more than my clothes, but I found that really I had little attachment to these bags anyway, so it was pretty easy and very liberating to part with them.

Bags before:

imageThis doesn’t include my main handbag, but otherwise, all the bags I own are here.

And after:

imageOops, just realised that there is one bag not pictured in the last photo.  That’s the bag second from the right at the front on the first bag photo.  I kept this bag that my sister bought me in Africa as it is the perfect size for my gym bag.  I’ve just started back up at the gym and the last thing I want to have to do is buy a new bag for it!

I also did shoes, but I have no photos of these.  I held onto two pairs of flats, two pairs of winter boots (I am not sure how long this will remain as two pairs..I am hoping to choose one of them and say goodbye to the others, but right now, I can’t decide which of the two to keep), a pair of rain boots, one pair of sandals, one pair of trainers, a pair of summer canvas pumps, and a pair of heels.  I think that’s a decent amount of shoes for me.  I take up less space in our shoe cupboard now at least, and I don’t look at shoes I hardly wear and feel guilty about it.  In the case of shoes, lack of space has made me keep these to a minimum mostly anyway, so I only needed to throw away two pairs.

That’s it for the clothes.  It didn’t take long, I have a load of space in my drawers/wardrobe, and it’s staying that way!  Very happy with those results.



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