Konmari – Books

The next category (in the recommended order, less sentimental things first) is books.  I like reading.  I have a kindle, and read most books on there these days.  I always said that my kindle would never replace books.  I like to hold books and still prefer reading from them.  Having said that, I don’t like the fact that they take up so much space.  I had a LOT.  These are also things that are very expensive to buy here.  I can’t pick up good books at my local library.  There are probably around 100 English books at my local library and most of them are reference books or books for Japanese people learning English, which is understandable. For that reason, buying books is a pricey business, and when money comes into it, it can be an obstacle in parting with things.  However, when I have used a book/been given a book/had a book for long enough for it to be out of date or for me to be sick of seeing it, I have no qualms now about letting it go.

I was fortunate enough to be able to sell many of my books on a garage sale site for pretty low prices.  I am not in this to make money, but the thought of throwing away a good book makes me sad.  The thought of someone else reading it makes it way easier to say goodbye to.  I had kept all of my Marian Keyes books, because I loved them.  I knew I would never read them again.  I have never in my adult life read a book more than once, so the chances that I will are very slim.  And if I DO ever want to do so, there is nothing stopping me from buying it again as a last resort, so out they went.

I separated the books into two categories, fiction and non-fiction.  I was surprised to see that I had a lot more non-fiction.



And the ones I decided to keep from both categories (including cookery books):


This freed up a lot of space as I had a shelf above the doors on the landing, and half a bookcase full.  Now my cookbooks are in the kitchen cupboard, as before, but my other books sit on my chest of drawers in my room.  A lot more accessible now!


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