Yoshikei – Days Four and Five

Wow, time flies.  Plus I have a stinking cold and a dodgy tumble dryer, so things have been hectic here.

Anyway, excuse out of the way with.  I’m getting a bit fed up of the Yoshikei week posts (am now on week three of the actual service), so thought I’d double up today. 

Day Four’s box – Shabu shabu pork nabe (Japanese hotpot)


This was super easy in terms of reading the recipe!  It basically said how to chop everything up, then “cook in order of food cooking lengths”.  This is fine, even for a very average cook like me, but sometimes a little more guidance might be nice.  Yoshikei expect you to know a little more than the basics, in my eyes anyway, such as how long to deep fry pretty much anything they give you that needs deep frying.  Umm, that actually might be all…will let you know if I think of any more.

Anyway, the prep. for this was simple but a bit time consuming.  I think it took about half an hour just peeling and chopping, which was a bit of a faff, but it was a one-pot, so a bit easier for me.


All in the casserole dish, which is massive, but wasn’t really big enough for this huge amount of food.

Plus it was a really hot day, so it seemed a bit odd to be eating this wintery meal, but still…


I skipped on the dashi (fish stock) and used consomme cubes instead, which meant even L seemed to enjoy it.  Not only was it yummy, there was loads left for next day’s lunch for F and I.  Bonus.

The following day was Friday, which is a hellish day on which I must come home from work, pick up L from after-care, go home and pick up H and F from home, then take all of us to ballet and get home at around 6:30.  We usually ear dinner at 5, so on Fridays I cook something very simple.  This week it was a frozen pizza and some salad. 

Day Five has therefore become Saturday’s lunch, which works out well, because it’s when we get home from swimming school and then since the recipe is in Japanese, I can get Y to cook it.  Result!  Although he cares VERY little about presentation…

Crispy Chinese Dumplings, omelette in sweet and sour sauce and onion soup




Hardly looks appetizing, does it…?  OMG, I was dying inside. It was actually pretty nice, apart from the soup, which was basically a whole bloody onion and some stock, but I still always think of gyoza as a side dish, rather than the main event.  Still, there was nothing offensive in this meal, so it’s still a winner.

So there you have it.  A week of Petit Mama.  After this first week, I was pretty positive about it.  The amount of food was good, the dishes varied enough for everyone to find at least something that they liked.  I still think it’s a bit pricey, but I have to think that I’m paying for delivery, recipes and calculating the exact amount to buy to cook is definitely convenient having someone else to do.  But the meals are only OK…

More next time 😉


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