Yoshikei – Day Three


Wednesday night’s fayre was “Crispy chicken with bacon and spinach and Potato with sweetcorn”.  There are several reasons why this meal didn’t go so smoothly.  Let me try and work them out.

First of all, I had been suffering from a stinking cold since the beginning of the weekend.  Work hadn’t helped.  I was tired and grumpy.  The children were tired and grumpy.  L was being a limpet on the Mummy rock.  F was jealous of L being a limpet and therefore decided that she could be a better limp  H was non-stop chitter-chattering about random stuff.

So while all of this was going on, I was trying to concentrate on which of the three marinades on the recipe list went with which part of the dish.  Generally I’m fine with multi-tasking, but the limpet x 2, the chitter-chattering and the cooking were 4 seperate things.  I couldn’t handle the extra recipe code-breaking plus the translation that came with it.  I lost it a bit.

The recipe with it’s various marinades, looks like this (excuse the poor lighting, but I am phone blogging in bed with sleeping toddler):


I find this pretty confusing.  They try to make it easier by colour coding each dish, and referencing the sauces by letters.  This saves space, but it’s a bugger to read in a language that’s not your own while you’re prepping.  Apparently Y found it confusing too, so maybe the language isn’t the issue.  Or we are both just rubbish XD

The three marinades are,
a. Sake, salt, pepper
b. Salt, soy sauce, pepper, crushed garlic
c. Water, stock, salt, soy sauce, pepper

I kept losing my glance and coming back to the wrong place since every bloody thing contains salt.  It’s one giant salt festival.  Then there are the children.  They are still hanging around my ankles.  And I’m starting to get hungry.  And H remembers she hasn’t done her reading homework and can I listen to grade her performance, NOW?!
And I’m simmering “c” and wondering why I don’t have to cook the potato and carrots yet.  Then I realise the potato and carrots are “1” and should have been simmering IN c for the past 20 minutes.

I don’t heat the oil long enough, so the chicken is not going to be crispy.  It’s soggy.  “Soggy chicken with spinach and bacon with raw potatoes and corn” doesn’t have quite the same appeal.

Fifty minutes of cooking time, I have food to serve.  It’s not terrible, but it wasn’t the easy, enjoyable 30 minutes max cooking time it was supposed to be.  L was surprisingly ok with the potato dish.  He generally hates the texture of boiled potatoes.  Must be all the salt…

I am definitely finding it tough doing a two dish meal.  It’s really like cooking two seperate meals.  Not used to that on a regular basis.  I’m more of a one-pot cook.  But it’s good to eat more variety.  The food was pretty good after all the stress.  It was 480g. of chicken too.  I usually only do around 250g and bulk up more with vegetables.  The quality of the meat is really good too.  I would usually buy the cheaper stuff.  We enjoyed this meal, but the soggy chicken skin wasn’t great…chef fail.





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