Yoshikei, Day Two



Tuesday, and I was a little dubious about this one.  To be honest, I am not a fan of fish.  I LOVE white fish though, but “fish” in Japan, is often oily fish like ten different kinds of mackerel.  I can just about stomach horse mackerel, which is apparently what we get back home, but the others, not really.  This meal was tuna though.  I don’t mind tuna at all.  And deep-fried bread-crumbed tuna steaks, hardly even fish at all. I got a bit flustered about the pumpkin. I don’t really like it, and couldn’t find anywhere that it told me what to do with the pumpkin and the green pepper. In the end, I kind of messed that up, because I shallow fried it, when it was supposed to be deep-fried. I also very nearly mixed up vinegar with sake, which wouldn’t have been that nice, but I saved it in the end.

This meal was really yummy and the fish tasted rather like pork…random?!? The children weren’t keen on the vegetables. They were simmered in fish stock, soy sauce and sake, and a bit sloppy. I thought they were just ok. I have to say though, that these meals seem pretty balanced, and there’s nutritional info. provided for each meal too, which is definitely a good thing for me, me who is obsessed with nutrition…

Anyway, here was the yummy meal!



Oh, and the children LOVED the fish, so if I have any complaint, it would be that there wasn’t enough of that. Although if they’d eaten the veg., maybe they wouldn’t have needed more fish.

Next time, a slightly more stressful meal…


2 thoughts on “Yoshikei, Day Two

  1. I have been thinking of trying out yoshikei, so I am really happy to see you blogging about it. I think this system would really suit me. I am not a cook, but I try for the kids, they get a lot of steam veg when I cook, because like you I am obsessed with nutrition. But Haru has been cooking these past few months and he is a great cook, but it is the same thing every 2nd day! Not complaining, but I really need to face this fear of cooking and do something. This might just be the answer to my prayers!! Do they give you the fecky bits too, like sake and so forth, or do you have to have them already.

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