Still here…

I’m still here, still on the saving plan, but am not documenting it for a while.  It’s dull even to me, who is a bit obsessive (oxymoron?) so can’t imagine how dull it is to read.

Christmas and New Year have whipped me up into a frenzy.  Nine days holiday for the husband, twelve days for H.  Not sure which is harder, but I now know that I can understand the old biddies who can’t cope when their husbands retire.

Key phrases used this week are

“Were you born in a barn?”

“Where does this live?”

“Isn’t dinner ready yet?”

“Aren’t you going to cook anything for lunch?”

“I can’t hear you Mummmmmmmy!”

“I’m BORED!”

“Going to the supermarket AGAIN?!?!”

“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” (from the husband)

“Why are you sitting in the corner banging your head against the wall, Mummy?”

I exaggerate slightly, there are good days, but nobody wants to hear about those..;)

Roll on 2014, it WILL be a good one.  And hopefully not one that gives me TWO periods in one month after a two year break again, ok?!?


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