Eat well, pay less Day #2

DSC_0185Well I managed to make up for the small overspend on the previous day, and I have to say, the meal from those ingredients was pretty good, and possibly more volume than we would normally have.  I am starting to think that my little brain can only cope with a one meal at a time plan, so this way I can shorten my planning time, and still stick to my budget.  Especially since every time I sit down with a pen and paper, F wants to “help” too, or else have a massive screaming meltdown, and I’m tired of letting that run it’s course, so prevention is much easier than cure in this case.  Now that F has teeth (seven at the last count, but feeding time tells me that it’s molar time…ouch), and can eat more challenging foods, it’s a lot easier to cook for us all as a family.  I tend not to use much seasoning, and anything that needs more for an adult palate can be added after serving out for the children.  So Friday’s meal was marinated chicken (soy, sake, flour), brocolli, carrot, onion with rice.  The total cost was 407yen for 4.5 servings.

I shopped yesterday for today’s food.  I also picked up a chicken for roasting from the Christmas budget for 1280 yen.  Our supermarket only stock whole chickens at Christmas time.  The chances of finding a turkey are nil, but I don’t eat turkey, so it works out ok for me anyway.  I have to say, I’m feeling a bit of pressure food-wise for the Christmas period, but I have to keep reminding myself that a happy Christmas doesn’t necessarily mean pigging out and going overboard on food.  I am looking forward to a roast dinner though!

So, Friday’s fare:

Pork slices – 281 yen

Yaki soba (noodles) – 128 yen

Half cabbage – 99 yen

Beansprouts – 25 yen

Dry yeast  – 250 yen

A grand total of 783 yen.  I didn’t need the yeast right away, but I’ve decided to try and spend up the daily budget on things that we will need at some point.  I have had to bribe L, who was horrified at the thought of daily shopping, and have told him if he doesn’t moan about it for the next seven days, then I will buy him a magazine.  Next month I’ll do the same if he doesn’t moan.  It’s actually been good for both of us, because when it’s cold and rainy, neither of us feel like going anywhere, and then end up getting cabin fever, so at least it gives us a kick up the bum and takes us away from the dry air from the heating.  Plus I often bump into people I know there (housewife much?!?!), so I suppose you could call it a social outing, ha ha!

Today was swimming lessons for H and L, so we often eat yakisoba for lunch, since it’s relatively quick and easy and everyone is starving after swimming. So 580yen for that meal, padded out with only a little rice.

Tonight we’ll eat baked salmon that I have in the freezer from last week, with some bok choi from Y’s uncle’s farm and rice.  I hate weekends, since they seem to involve a lot more cooking than weekdays.  I’m definitely happy with a sandwich for lunch, whereas Y is more of a cooked meal for every meal type, which can be bloody exhausting.  At least these days he’s cooking at least one meal at the weekend, so that helps somewhat.

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas, but I’m so very ready for this year to be over!  Right, off to the shops!





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