Arghhhh, I jinxed it!!  Since my last post, I have only had one other night of sleeping right through and that was only two days ago.  I will NO longer talk about sleeping habits unless it’s to moan about them.

Anyway..it’s nearly Christmas and that also means that it was my birthday yesterday.  I have mixed feelings about my birthday, as I know I’ve mentioned before, but I think trying not to think about it really seems to help.  I have no expectations so anything is a bonus.  My generous husband, MIL and SIL got together to buy me a new camera.  It was meant to be a surprise, but Y came clean to find out what sort I wanted.  He is the kind of person that always wants to get the latest gadget, since he feels it’s the best, whereas I am more likely to think that the latest one is usually overpriced and not all that much better than the previous one.  We went to the electronics shop to test drive Nikons and Canons.  I’d say I’m more of a Canon girl, but the Nikon gave me a really good impression, because it was easier to physically handle, took clearer pictures more easily, and was pick up and use straight away.  So I am now the proud owner of a DSLR, which is really exciting since I have an SLR that I don’t use because it costs over 2000 yen to develop a film, and who can really be affording that these days!?!?  Not me anyway.  I bought a book and am going to read it cover to cover and understand my camera instead of just the basic functions.

I’m in such a mess at home.  I’ve just let the cleaning go.  I try to vacuum every two or three days, although dust appears after a day, so it’s a pain.  I certainly don’t dust much and I’m just trying to stop the clutter building up, since that’s the thing that bothers me the most.  I would like to organise stuff though.  F is spending more time awake, and although sometimes she’ll be content rolling around on the floor on her playmat, I never want to stray too far away since she’s almost rolling over, but can’t keep her head up for too long and I’m paranoid she’s going to suffocate while I’m upstairs sorting out clothes.  And clothes I MUST sort out.  I am still only just managing to squeeze my masso bum into UK 14 clothes, and have a wardrobe full of size 12s.  I wasn’t bothered before about being a bit bigger, but was sad that I had hardly any clothes.  I like clothes, and not having many that fit but having to wade through the ones I love but I can’t wear is rubbish.  And before you say it, I can’t seperate them all since I just don’t have the space.  I tried to do most of the really small stuff but still needs sorting.  Most of my preggy clothes were dresses (not the most ladylike for breastfeeding, lifting your dress up over your knickers) and summery things like shorts, and bright shorts, not shorts you can warm up with tights underneath.  So I have two pairs of trousers that I can wear, both jeans, one maternity under bump numbers from NEXT, which are kind of great, since they have a tight elasticated band that I can put over my tummy to pull it in without cutting myself in half.  The other are also from NEXT (king of jeans) and were an absolute favourite pair of flares that I couldn’t bring myself to throw away (thankfully!), but were massive on me and now give me a muffin top.  Well now I’m starting to notice that my tops show fat rolls, and I really think it’s time to tone up.  The problem is that I’m a bit lazy.  If it were warmer, I would go for walks, but it’s bloody freezing.  The gym isn’t an option since we don’t have the cash.  Dieting alone just doesn’t work for me, but I am trying to eat more bitter foods in an attempt to get rid of my sweet tooth again.  I thought I’d said goodbye to that for good.

Well, it’s only been three months, I know I should just be patient, but I think it’s time to start being a bit more proactive now.  Let me just finish that packet of Penguins I was so happy to discover in Kaldi first…




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