Time and Patience

So I seem to be coping with newborn tiredness.  Pretty well actually.  Much better than I thought.  I think a lot of it is to do with the fact that I’m just going with the flow.  I’m trying to keep calm, and to enjoy this baby.  My lovely little baby girl, who is definitely my last little girl (or boy for that matter).  I was a little calmer with L because he was supposed to be our last baby, so I sat with him, and enjoyed baby cuddles.  Although I couldn’t really enjoy the newborn stage until he was around two months old.  If you can remember, I had awful problems nursing.  At one stage, I was missing a part of me, literally, and it wasn’t a fingernail.  This time around, I’ve been very very careful to get a good deep latch, but it’s not been easy.  Certainly experience doesn’t seem to count for all that much when it comes to breastfeeding, although it does help a little.  But thankfully, things are going ok in that respect, and the only thing that’s harder this time around, is having a bigger house, and an extra little one to take care of.  Oh and being four years older does make a difference too.  In terms of age gap, although H and L are close with only 20 months between them, I love that I waited four years for baby F.  It means that H and L are still settled at nursery, so I can have quiet days with F, and not lose my rag with the “bigger children”.  It’s almost like when I was at home with H, just the two of us having lazy days.

I have really taken a step back with the housework.  I try to keep the place tidy, but I never leave the baby crying.  I wear her in the wrap or the baby carrier and get jobs done that way.  It may take me longer, and it may give me a backache, but compared with hearing my baby crying, it’s more than preferable, and she DOES cry when she’s put down.  Pretty much straight away.  I’m a much calmer and relaxed Mummy that way.  Actually, I tell a lie, I have put F down on a couple of occasions when I was doing something dangerous, like frying fish or chopping something, or if she’s too grizzly to sit still in the carrier, but these have stressed me out no end.  I also regularly eat meals while nursing, and I hope we don’t have dinner guests soon, because I’m fairly sure boobs out at the table aren’t really considered to be good table manners..not to mention the bits of rice I end up dropping on the feeding pillow or the baby.

And on to my next love is my feeding pillow.  I’ve always used one of those half moon shaped ones, but I stumbled across My Brest Friend on Amazon, and as I was ordering something else at the time, I put it in my basket.  And wow, I wish I’d taken this into hospital with me.  I suffer (and yes, I DO think it’s a pain) from a large cup size, and find nursing requires about six pillows and cushions, and my knees up and feet on a footstool, etc., but with this pillow, I can sit anywhere and it’s snug like a lifebelt around my waist.  It’s a really simple design, but I love it.  It’s also useful as an extra support when I’m walking into the kitchen to get a drink post feeding and F is still sleeping.  It’s fab.  I don’t know what the postman thought of me when I answered the door wearing it, but at least I had put away my boo, so he would just think I’m weird, as opposed to being a weird naturist.

One thing that I AM missing is sewing.  Because you may be able to sew with a baby on your lap/pillow, but all the stuff that comes with it, e.g. measuring and cutting out cloth, pinning, ironing, you probably shouldn’t.  So for now, I’m learning to be patient and give it time.  Just as I had after H and L were at nursery.  There will be time for hobbies and other things like going to the loo and having a shower…Oh and for exercising, because I’m stuck at 70 kilos, only having lost six kilos so far.  I have four more to go until my pre-pregnancy weight, and after that another couple would be nice.  But that too will take time, I know.  Patience has never been my strongest virtue..but if it means I get to enjoy baby cuddles and SMILES, then I’ll try harder 😉


4 thoughts on “Time and Patience

  1. Yeah! So nice to see a new post from you! And such a nice one too 🙂 It sounds like you are very relaxed and happy, and I am a bit envious because although that was how I planned to spend my newborn’s newborn days, I’m afraid I’m going to be a wreck. I’ve had a serious yen to sew lately too, but not possible with a toddler who loves to touch EVERYTHING and stick her tiny hands in things and pull out piles of neatly folded fabric. Long may these happy, lazy days last for your and Baby F!

    • Thank you! Have missed posting too. I Judy haven’t seemed to find the time, which is ironic since I spend a lot of time sitting feeding my baby! I’m sure you’ll have calm time even with twins. It will probably feel all the more precious 😉

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