It’s now 4am. From 4pm yesterday I started getting slightly more painful BH contractions. I bought a fitness ball/birthing ball at the weekend, and it’s seriously THE most comfortable seat I’ve had in the past two months! I am guessing it’s forcing good posture, as it’s really helping my back too, which has been aching quite a bit. I use it at the dining table, watching tv, and basically for all of my sitting down time. Who would have thought it would be comfier for me now than putting my feet up on the sofa? So I was bouncing up and down on it yesterday feeling slightly mental. Once I got up, I started feeling a bit of pressure at the bottom of my bump. I went about making dinner and usual stuff, then started getting some contractions about every 20 minutes.

AGAIN I had mixed feelings because although I had been half expecting it (I was down on my hands and knees that morning polishing, mopping and then drying the living room floor), L was up in the night with a temperature of 39.9 degrees and a painful ear, so I really want to be at home with him until he’s better (God, beggars can’t be choosers, I know!). Last time I left baby H with SIL when she had a fever so I could go to work, I came back to her wearing three pairs of trousers and two cardigans…This was after I’d asked her to keep her cool.

So we ate dinner and I went in the bath with the children, who poked me in the breast (L)when I was contracting, and I was grateful that I decided not to take the children into the labour room with me.

After the bath making things a bit more intense (around 7:15pm now), I asked Y to call MIL to a) warn her that we might need her to come over later and b) check if she’d been drinking (she’s not got a drink problem, btw) so she could still drive here. I immediately regretted that when listening in on the conversation, at least from Y’s side. This is kind of how it went,

Y – “So Laura’s having some pain. She thinks there’s a chance that the baby might be making a move.”

M – “OH! Really? Is she ok? Is she calm? Is she relaxing? Tell her to be calm! Tell her to relax!” (imagine this said in a less than calm and relaxed manner).

Y – “she’s relaxed” watching me pacing the floor

M – “OK! Should I come now?!? I have the day off work tomorrow. Do you want me to come over now?!?”

Y – “No, calm down. There’s only a chance it might be tonight. Just relax and go to bed as normal if we don’t contact you again. I’ll call you if we need you.”

I got a mental picture after that of her being my birth partner, flapping around at 100 miles an hour saying stuff like “breathe” and “relax”, but conveying the absolute opposite.

With the children now in bed, Y and I sat down to watch tv in the hope of taking my mind off it. Then Y in all his kind sensitive husbandness said, “so are you going to have this baby tonight or what?”

Nice, hubby. Nice.

We started watching a DVD he’d rented. “Hugo” which for some reason he keeps calling “Duke”. He told me it was a fantasy adventure, which didn’t really excite me into wanting to watch it much, and as predicted, I didn’t really have the attention span for it.

By this time it was about 8:30pm and the contractions were five minutes to fifteen minutes apart. Not really regular, but then I’ve had two babies with irregular contractions already, so I know with me that it’s more of an intensity thing, which is much more difficult to gauge in the early stages. I DO hate to go to the hospital too soon, but in the back of my mind, there’s my nursery friend with her horror story of driving herself to the hospital almost fully dilated. Y looked up and said, “why don’t we go to bed now and get some sleep so I can be useful in labour?”. My husband considers labour to be pushing out the baby. Anything before that doesn’t count it seems,
“otherwise you could have been rubbing my back already,” I said.

“oh,” he replied.

So off to bed we went, even though I kind of thought I should be keeping upright and active.

“you keep active then and I’ll go to sleep, if you want.”

Thanks hubby.

I fell asleep sitting up. Woke a few times for normal toilet/check child isn’t feverish/drink water/squash mosquito trips, and now at 4:45am, I’m wide awake and have been contracting again for the past 45 minutes since I started writing this. About three or four times, I think. A little bit painful, no more than last night and type-through able. Y is fast asleep of course, and after this, I think I’m going to try and get some more sleep too. Oh, or ow..maybe not. Will keep you posted.


7 thoughts on “Ow

  1. Hope you managed to get some sleep. Today could be the day! How exciting. I do hope temperatures have gone done a bit. Would suck going to the hospital while worrying about kids at home, although i’m sure they’ll be fine all in all.

    Hope hub is useful today for as long as he needs to be and doesn’t keep resting on you. The birthing ball sounds like its being very helpful. I never really understood why it would be so good but it obviously works!!



  2. Ow and wow!! I hope all goes smoothly today and that your hubby is more of a help than a hindrance! ie he rubs your back and doesn’t say anything stupid!! All the best

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