Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was H’s birthday.  My little girl is now six years old.  It was a pretty busy day filled with presents, crafts, an event at the Culture Centre with MIL to celebrate Respect the Aged day/Grandparent’s Day, and finishing off with a very poorly little boy with a very painful earache and a crap doctor’s prescription..ugh, less said about that the better.  He is off the docs. meds though and back on the Calpol and Ibuprofen and doing much much better, so it’s all good.  Now for some happy photos!

Let the present opening commence!

Phew, thankfully she was ok that I couldn’t get the costume from her favourite character..erm, the green one..

Happy Girl

Ok kids, that’s not helping me to strip the bed…

New Leappad game went down well

We ended up eating out for lunch because I couldn’t get my head around more than one ingredient..yes, my brain is fried..but H was happy that they gave us such a masso table.

We made a perfectly imperfect cake while Y and L were at the ENT

Yummy carrot cake!

Even poorly boy enjoyed his before his uncomfortable night

A dream catcher for L we made from her birthday craft kit that got left downstairs all night and ruined by the bloody cats!!!

More crafting this morning with some knotting fun!

Et voila!  This is “Knot A Lot” from Alex Toys if you’re interested.  Recommended age is 6+  Lots of fun!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Can you organise my next birthday for me please!? Lucky girl to have her Mommy make such a special day for her birthday. I love the “perfectly imperfect” cake although I was thinking that it was equally a “imperfectly perfect” one too!!

    • Ha ha! Thanks. I am terrible at baking, so just to have at least the basics down like baking a decent tasting cake and knowing how to make buttercream icing makes me feel so much calmer!

  2. Love the cake-just my style:).Love the tearing off of the wrapping paper in the first pic.And well,all the Puricure chararcters are the same aren’t they??! Nooo idea what they are called and we go by colours too;).And finally,although it would be nice for you to meet your second daughter,how lovely that you could celebrate your eldest daughter’s birthday in style ,and at home!

    • Thankfully she’s happy enough with the costume, especially when I pointed out that their hair is pretty much the same colour (couldn’t really have done that with green…). And YES! I am so very very glad that the baby didn’t choose H’s birthday to make her appearance! Although getting around is more and more difficult, I’m ok with waiting at least a little bit longer. It’s the driving the children to nursery and picking them up that’s the hard part!

  3. Kudos to you for putting together a celebration when you’re at the very end stages of waiting for your new little one. Kiddo birthdays are always fun, though, and especially when they are young & happy with a nice little family celebration like you had. BTW your children are just beautiful, meant to post that to you after you posted their school pic. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly and most of all – quickly!

    • Thank you so much! For once I had everything prepared early. I wrapped her presents as soon as I got them, thinking I might be in the hospital at that time, and I knew it would be too much for my husband!!

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