39 Week Update

Today I am 39 weeks.  I had a hospital appointment at 10:20 this morning.  This morning, H came into our bedroom at 6a.m. looking for her nursery blouse (which was hanging up on the laundry hangers downstairs) because she wanted to be a good girl and get dressed to surprise me.  This is a really hard time for me, because I’m so proud of her for wanting to be so good, but 6 o’clock is really bloody early seeing as we don’t need to leave the house until 8:30 at the earliest.  And I also had a really really bad night’s sleep.  I think I must have literally woken up every hour to heave my leadweight bump off to the loo.  I have begun to waddle.  Not because my balance is off, but because my thighs have started to rub together and chafe.  Nice.  I would ideally like to walk as a sumo wrestler squats in the ring, but I think I would receive even more weird looks than I already do, so I am content with my strange waddle for now.

After I had dropped the children off at nursery, ironically we ended up being a bit late seeing as it was bento day today and it took me so long to get everything done that we just made it at five to nine.  I bumped into H’s friends Mum, a.k.a. a bit of a stalker.  She chatted to me quite a bit.  I’d been having twinges since 8 o’clock this morning, and she was flapping about me being ok, and how I would get to the hospital, and that I might not have time.  She has three children, second labour was 8 hours (mine was 9) and third was 20 minutes..apparently.., and she drove herself to the hospital and almost gave birth in the seat.  I know a lot of locals who tend to panic like this.  It’s very unnerving.  If I needed her to pick up the children later then she would be happy to do so.  I don’t know how she thought she would pick them up without car seats.  I’ve picked her child up for her before but ALWAYS insisted on getting the car seat from her as there is no way I am driving with a child not in an appropriate seat, so she knows how I feel.  I thanked her anyway and rushed off.  I then ended up leaving the house much too late because I couldn’t get my blonde preggy head around the time and the traffic was a bit of a nightmare.  During this time, I was no longer having twinges.  Typical.  But I suppose it’s never a good thing to be driving and contracting.

Met my husband at the car park where he was actually earlier than me.  Good grief, what is the world coming to?!?  I am usually a good timekeeper and he is always late.  I got seen at the hospital super quickly as ever.  They are really fantastic about that!  All of my obs. were normal and the midwife I saw was the lovely one from the family class we went to.  I really hope she’s on duty when I go into labour.  Y was there, but he was really just on the sidelines today as I found I could not only communicate with her, but actually have a decent conversation.  I told her I was a bit fed up, what can I do.  She recommended walking around the house (seeing as it’s too bloody hot still to go outside) and squats.  I said squatting down would be ok, but I don’t think I could get up again…seriously..I would be squatting forever.  Which actually would work out ok with the whole sumo walking part.

The doc. did the scan and baby is doing well, although she is measuring lighter than last week..doc. is obviously not great at that side of things XD  But still she is more than 2.5kilos (just), so it’s a safe weight assuming it is even close to the true weight.  I have quite a wheezy chesty cough right now, and I said I could put up with it (rather not go on cold meds at this point) but I just didn’t really want it to develop into something else.  He seemed to think this was unlikely, so we’re just playing it by ear for now.

I had no weight slaps from the midwife, no internal (I have had no cervix checks at this hospital at all!), so I have no idea whether or not I’m effaced or dilated, but in a lot of ways, I think that’s a good thing.  Let’s face it, I could be closed up tightly or 3cm dilated and neither/both of which could lead to a labour within the next 24 hours, so it’s better not to get my hopes dashed/up anyway.  Come to think of it, L was born the day following an internal, so that could have encouraged something that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  I’m trying to calm down and just take it as it comes now.  My husband reminded me of me explaining labour like someone stabbing me repeatedly with a knife and now I’m starting to think that that kind of thing should come as naturally as possible.  I’m still drinking raspberry leaf tea to tone up my uterus though.  Apart from the fact that I love the stuff.  Will keep you posted!


9 thoughts on “39 Week Update

  1. You are so lucky! I had an internal EVERY visit and in the final stages two sweeps which hurt like hell!!!!!
    Both kids were a week late and I was so fed up at that stage.
    My water broke with Lila but I didn’t know that it had and carried on like nothing had happened untill I started to feel ill. Amelie, well I told you how I brought her labor on!
    All the best and close your legs till Sunday!

    • Yes, my previous hospital did internals every visit too, so I just assumed it was normal here. Ugh, hope there aren’t going to be any sweeps for me, sound horrid. Considering that I am already fed up at 39 weeks (never been a happy pregnant woman anyway!), I can’t imagine how you must have felt at 41 and hoping not to find out! Thanks for the good wishes, legs are as closed as they can get!

  2. You wear pregnancy well!! You look great. SO good to hear how much more this new hospital suits you. I keep forgetting to buy the red Raspberry leaf tea, or rather have H buy it for me. Is it easy to come by? I was drinking rosehip and hibiscus a few weeks ago (sudden craving although I rarely drink herbal tea) not knowing that can stimulate the uterus. Oops!

    • Thank you, but I really do hate being pregnant. I think that’s why I like labour more than normal people, because it means an end to being pregnant. If I were you, I’d ask your midwife about the raspberry leaf tea. Some believe it to induce labour, but from what I’ve read, taken from 34 weeks it tones your uterus and makes the second stage of labour more productive. I wouldn’t want it to push you on after what’s been going on with you though! I started on a cup a day and am now drinking up to three. It’s still a herb, which is pretty powerful. And other herbal teas (such as rosehip) should be drank in moderation during pregnancy as well apparently.

      • Thanks, I’ll ask at my next appt.
        This time I’m looking at labour in the same way too; the end of pregnancy (end of bedrest, end of blegh-ness … end of a prison sentence almost!) It feels so much longer than my other pregnancies. This is the longest you’ve been pregnant right?

  3. You look fantatsic! What a sweetie H is,and although 6am is waaay too early,good training for primary school!

    Totally agree that it is better “not” to know what is happening down below,and so happy for you that the new place is so great.

    Good luck with the walking and hope you don’t inadvertently get stuck in a squat;)

    • Thank you! I know, I really lucked out with H as a first child. She is unbelievably good. Oh dear…primary school..thankfully we live a five minute walk away and the neighbours leave at 7:45, which isn’t so awful. Ha ha, I will try not to get stuck!!

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