Organising around poorly loves

I have to say that it was never really my intention to use password protected posts.  But to respect other people, I felt that it was necessary, although I hope not to have to protect my posts all that often.

Anyhoo…yesterday was Monday, which is usually my day of heaven, bliss after the weekend which is filled with activities and me cooking at least two hot meals in the kitchen.  When the children are at nursery, I usually eat either a sandwich, or leftovers with egg and rice and at the moment, I can’t seem to get enough pak choi.  I’m guessing it has something to do with nutritional requirements, or maybe just the fact that my children hate it.  Anyway, it rarely takes me more than ten minutes to make my lunch.  Y has a huge take away, so at weekends, I never seem to be able to make enough to go around and Y ends up having a second lunch/dinner.  I attribute his falling asleep after lunch to this.  I have no idea what it’s like to have such a fast metabolism, although part of me would like to have it myself.  But feeling hungry all the time must be exhausting.  He weighs in the 60 kilos range, and I am now 75.5, which isn’t really all that bad considering I’m 5’5″ and preggers.  I started OFF around that weight when I was first preggers with H, but I am a firm believer in everyone having their own personal happy weight, and mine is around 61 kilos, so I have a lot of work to do when I’ve pushed this baby out and feel normal enough to be arsed about my figure.

I digress..H woke up with a stomachache.  This is not unusual.  She often has a stomachache.  She went through a phase where we had to subject her to a load of tests, she had x-rays, blood tests, an enema, but I would have drawn the line at an endoscopy, which thankfully was never mentioned.  Having found nothing medically wrong with her stomach, the hospital signed us off.  I think it may be down to a mixture of allergies and stress.  She’s only five, but she DOES tend to get herself wound up about things, just like her mother!  So we switched to soy milk and things seemed to get a lot better, but when she’s ill, it tends to go straight to her tummy.  Then I checked her  With L still having his lingering cough, H being ill enough to warrant a stay at home, and L hating nursery, I decided to keep them both off.

We had NO food in the fridge (another thing that I usually save for Monday, even though it’s tough to carry everything by myself these days, I avoid the mass crowds of the weekend), so I thought we’d better get to the supermarket sooner rather than later.  I felt terrible, as H slumped on the trolley and patiently went round the supermarket.  I left the full shop and went instead for fruit, veg. and juices, so it didn’t really take us all that long.  I’m so glad I kept her off nursery though, because her temperature went up to 39 degs and she got to the point where she didn’t know where to put herself, bless her.  We tried a hot water bottle on her tummy, but it just made her feel too hot, a cold patch on her head which helped the fever but not really her tummy.  I was reluctant to give her Calpol at first, because I didn’t really want to make her stomachache even worse, but I think the fever was just making her miserable.  She managed to nap a little on the sofa (really rare for H!) and L and I entertained each other, him playing with Play-doh and non-stop chattering while I organised the dining room drawers (exciting, I know..).  Afternoon I had a surge of nesting energy.  Good grief, finally.  I vacuumed, put away mess (bits of material and sewing stuff mainly), washed down surfaces, sinks, mirrors, toilets.  God it feels great now.  Then while I was sitting at the table with L on his next project, which consisted of cutting a piece of black paper into approximately one million pieces, I drew a plan for while I’m in hospital.

Now I went through this with Y before, and he took notes, on a scrap piece of paper, with a pencil, that he forgot where he put, even though I told him it’s on the whiteboard by the computer desk.  So I decided if I couldn’t rely on my husband, that I could most certainly rely on my husband assisted by H and L.  Particularly H..she is all about logic and organisation.  I drew two pages consisting of mostly drawings, but a few words.  One so that they know what they should be wearing, and another to show what they need to take with them on a daily and weekly basis.  To be honest, I’m used to it all now after about three years, and it’s not often that I forget to include something, but I DID used to, all the time, in fact.  I’m not so bothered anymore, but I knew Y would be (which is why it surprises me that he doesn’t get more organised?).  I’m hoping that the charts will also help the children so that when I come out of hospital and have a baby permanently attached to my boob, that they will be able to do some of the things by themselves too.  I’m ALL about teaching your children to help out and be responsible, and I think they would enjoy it, which is always a bonus!

Today H bounded into my room looking really bright and cheerful at 6:30a.m.  I took her temperature, 37.3 hmm..not bad, but still higher than her 36.6 usual.  Not that I’M a numbers freak, but after being absent, the nursery will always check the temperature and look at her average temp., so we had breakfast and I gave her half a dose of Calpol to try and bring it down a little bit more.  Thankfully, they both went off today without a hitch.  L tried to resist a little, but he was generally ok, and H was happy to go as today is the Birthday Party for children who have a birthday this month, and H’s is on Saturday.  She’s especially excited as this time seeing as she is in Panda class, which is the top class at our place, she gets to hold the microphone on stage by herself and tell the school what she wants to be when she grows up.

That’s a cake shop owner, by the way…


6 thoughts on “Organising around poorly loves

  1. Have been catching up with my blogs.And how I do enjoy yours and have missed it!Anyway,love your pictures and what a great idea; my DH has bugger all udea what goes when and wish I had had the good sense to draw pictures for his and the kids sake when I was in hospital.Next time,lol!??! Glad to hear that H is feeling better,poor little girl.And am thinking of you and you were foremost in my mind when my big old box from M and S arrived yesterday;)

    • Thank you! I have been thinking about drawing a getting dressed picture for L for quite a while. He hates getting dressed in the morning, and seems to have trouble remembering what he needs to put on, although I expect it’s mostly unwillingness seeing as how quickly he got dressed to go to the park the other day…
      Ooh, how exciting a big box from M and S!!

  2. Oh,it was a great box….mostly for me,shock horror and I even got some cake tins…wheeeee!Feel very British and now have to make sure said tins are always full of freshly bake goodies.Shit;)

  3. I really love those pictures. You should sell some to other moms…in all that time you have before the baby comes! LOL.

    Sorry H was poorly. I’m home today with my girl who decided to share her breakfast with her teacher’s shirt. It’s such a juggling act. I have some work I can do at home but the rest will be done when my husband comes back from work at 8 or 9. I love working late at night by myself in the office, though, no distractions and I can take off my shoes.

    • Ha ha, doubt anyone would buy my scribbles XD Sorry to hear your girl was poorly today. Apart from them suffering, it makes things so tough, doesn’t it? Good that you can work from home though, even better that you work well of an evening. I’m all brain off after about 6p.m….

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