Check ups and shoes

Yesterday I went to the hospital with Y.  I am officially 38 weeks pregnant from yesterday, which is when I gave birth to H.  It WAS an induction though, so it’s not really an indication that I am likely to do so again.  Anyway, I was supposed to be seeing the midwife for a chat, check up and internal, but instead, I saw the midwife for 20 seconds who weighed me (nobody has mentioned a THING about my weight there, it’s fabulous!), then the obstetrician who did a scan saying that the baby’s weight was estimated at 3100g….hmm, 800g in a week seems slightly impossible, even he thought so.  So he checked again and it was more like 2800, which just goes to show how inaccurate these weight measurements are.  Anyway, we couldn’t see baby’s face, so got some very boring scan pictures of a thigh, some amniotic fluid and a skull.  But baby is doing well and that’s all that matters.  I then had to ASK for an internal, as I have a yeast infection..again..and JESUS CHRIST this doctor is rough!  So far it’s my only complaint about this hospital compared to the other one.  Was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get my cervix checked, but then what would I do if they told me I was not dilated at all, or 3cm dilated?  It wouldn’t change anything since labour could just be hours away in either of those scenarios.  So I’m thinking of it as a positive thing anyway.  I am so impatient, but to be honest, I’m exhausted.  Not being able to sleep and stuck in the house because it’s too hot outside/too hard to drive and park (I had to get Y to reverse park my car yesterday..cringe)/too grumpy to be kind to my children is really getting to me.  Never mind the forgetfulness, clumsiness and depression, which still rears it’s head on odd occasions.  This MUST be to get women not to be afraid of labour, surely, because I was terrified of that yet again a couple of months ago.  Now I’m embracing every little twinge and hoping it gets more and more painful..Mother Nature is weirdly clever.

Last night, I went to bed with all of the windows and doors open (except for the downstairs ones, I don’t want to be woken up to face licks from my cats), and woke at about three in the morning absolutely FREEZING!  Usually this would be welcomed, but it was really really suddenly very cold!  I checked the temperature, which was 21 degrees, but I had been lying on my bed with a window open at my side and another by my head, wearing only a nightshirt and no covers, so I was really cold.  I went to the loo (of course), then covered the children up too, although their room is in the middle so tends to be warmer than ours generally.  Then I had an amazing sleep despite waking up with a phlegmy cough that L seems to have too.  This morning is a very mild 27 degrees, also FANTASTIC and I’m going to try to do the day without air conditioning again.  I love love love autumn!

Yesterday the childrens shoes arrived from the U.K.  My Mum kindly bought me a Clarks foot measure so I can order shoes online (payment is tricky, but we’ve worked it out together so she pays and I can pay her back) and my Mum can send them to me.  How kind is that?!?  Except she’s in France right now, so my sister sent them (thank you x).  Anyway, my reasoning for this is not that I think Japanese childrens shoes are rubbish, although I kind of do.  Their baby shoes are decent enough, but when you get to about 13cm sizes, they are a bit crap.  But the main point is that my children have extremely narrow feet.  H is an E and L is an F.  These are UK sizes, so different from in Japan, but I believe the average in the UK is a G?  I also have very narrow feet, thanks Mum (who has like AAA).  And although I like having narrow feet, it’s a real pain in the bum to find shoes.  It’s even harder when you know that we also have LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG feet.  I’m a UK size 7/Japan size 25.5 at least, and narrow and long feet aren’t generally catered for.  My poor mother has to spend a fortune on shoes since only a couple of companies have the monopoly on them.

So the children were really happy with their new kicks, which thankfully fit perfectly. L’s H’s

So they both have flashing lights in the soles, and I was a bit worried that the nursery might complain about them being too “flashy”.  Not that this would make me stop them wearing them, but you know, I just didn’t want the hassle.  So I told the children not to make too much of a fuss about them.  Stupid me.

We arrived at nursery this morning and they both went running up to the teacher who greets us at the playground entrance and said,

“LOOK!  We’ve got new shoes!  And LOOK!  They light up!” smacking their heels down on the floor to demonstrate the flashing.

“Oh great!” she replied, “they’ll be really safe at night time when you’re outside in the dark!” Phew, I thought, although I wonder what she thinks my 4 and 5 year old are doing outside at night time.

Then I said goodbye to the children and watched them run into the playground shouting, “LOOK EVERYONE!!  Our shoes flash!”

I should have known…


11 thoughts on “Check ups and shoes

  1. I didn’t know you could buy a Clark’s foot measure, what a brilliant idea. Does it have the widths on it too? My kids definitely have my high bridge and clunky feet, it would be great if I could get them Clark’s shoes – I’m a firm believer in well fitted supportive shoes. Everytime I’m home I buy a load, but htey grwo out of them so quickly.

    • Yes, it has a width measure! That’s the main concern for my two. My parents have always been really strict about getting us properly fitted shoes, and I think it’s a good thing too, especially as badly fitted shoes can do so much permanent damage.

      • Hehe, my parents too. We had Clark shoes until secondary school. And if they had of had their way we’d of had them in secondary school too! I would like to follow suit as I do believe that ill fitting shoes aren’t good either. Will definitely be getting my Mam or sister to send me a measure. THANK YOU for sharing that info

  2. Once you get to around 37 weeks or so you really do start welcoming any sign of labour, don’t you!! Despite the fact that before that you were petrified of labour for the first half of our pregnancy, lol! Not too much longer though before your little girl makes her arrival… I am eagerly awaiting for the news. Btw, I love your pregnancy updates – pregnancy and tiny little babies make me so clucky, lol!!

    Those shoes sound really cool. I bet H and L will have a lot of fun with them. I could just imagine Leilah with a pair!!

    • Oh yes, I am always more than ready for labour well before it happens! I hate being pregnant, so labour is just a small inconvenience that has the desired outcome, ha ha! I’m glad in that respect, because it makes me a lot more relaxed for at least two thirds of my labour. If i were really tense I’m sure it would be ten times harder. Glad that you like the pregnancy updates, but are you really ready for another so soon?! I don’t think I could cope with three so close in age. Two a year and a half apart is hard enough!

      • Well even if I was ready for another one I am not *allowed* to fall pregnant again until Kai turns one…. it’s a precaution given to anybody who has had a c-section.

  3. I fell pregnant with L when H was just turned one. For me that was pretty soon, but I’ve heard the recommendations are to have the next baby when your previous one is at least 18 months old (however baby was born). Of course, these are not the law, but still. I think it’s nice to have children close in age, but for me, at least, two were enough. It’s quite nice now as I’ve been without a baby for long enough for everything to seem really new again. I felt I missed out on H’s very young years somehow, as L was such a demanding baby.

    • YES, exactly! I’m hoping they follow Dorothy Perkins, M&S, New Look, Asos, Next, etc. and start delivering stuff soon! Wasn’t so long ago that nowhere from back in the U.K. delivered here, eh? My elder sister clued me in about the foot measure. She was living overseas a lot with her job and wanted properly fitted shoes for her boys, so worked it out that way. I have to say that they are the envy of the playground this past week! Even the other Mums have commented, which made me blush…

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