37 weeks

Ugh, this is my second attempt at this after having lost the first one..very very annoying!  But anyway, I will not let it beat me!

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant, meaning that I am officially full-term and as always, very anxious for baby to wriggle her way out.  Ok, that’s not strictly true, I’m anxious NOT to be pregnant any more and to see my baby girl, but the wriggling part?  Not so excited about that.  But thankfully I really hate being pregnant, so even labour is greeted with open arms.  Until those open arms want to strangle the closest person to me at transition.

I went to the hospital, which I still think is the greatest hospital in the world (please don’t prove me wrong during labour and my stay).  Y came along too and we were there at 11a.m., straight on to do urine test, weight, blood pressure and then we waited about five minutes, yes FIVE minutes before they called me in to see the doctor.  I had a scan which showed the baby is doing well, her little heart is beating, there is enough fluid in there for her and she is estimated at 2451 grammes.  This made my heart sink just a little bit, because it suggests to me that she still has a bit more growing to do before she makes an appearance.  But it IS just an estimate and like I heard a doctor say on a documentary once, guessing a baby’s weight in utero is like seeing an adult in a bath from the next room and estimating their weight.  Um, ok, so basically it could be anything.

Then it was on to the NST (non-stress-test) where I sat on a really comfy chair, had the monitor strapped around my bump and listened to the baby’s heart beating/her moving around/my tummy tightening.  No contractions aside from a big but painless BH contractiion.  Baby is happy though, and it’s nice to hear her heartbeat for the first time too!  Funny that in the UK that’s one of the first points of contact you have with your baby, but here it’s one of the last!  Throughout all of this, Y was allowed in with me which was really nice, as he could see the scans (the other place only allowed family scans three times during the pregnancy), and experience more of it with me, which was a refreshing change.  Plus the language help and all the form filling out was very much appreciated too.

I then had a blood test which was painless (I love this place) and done after two minutes of waiting, and then at the cash desk we were told that as we had a government coupon for this appointment, there was no charge today.  Bonus!  All of this took an hour.  Had I been at the previous hospital, just waiting to see the doctor would have taken over an hour and anything more than that would have meant the whole morning.  I’m just so glad to see that even though the Red Cross hospital is old and a general hospital, that they are so efficient and organised.  I have a really good impression of them so far, and it just goes to show that a nice looking place isn’t always the best place.

After that, we even had time for a spot of lunch in the hospital cafe/bakery where I went a little overboard and ended up not being able to finish it, but it was nice all the same.  It’ll be nice to have that there for when the children come to visit so they can at least buy something to eat upstairs with me.

So I’m hoping that baby will surprise me and make an appearance tomorrow as it’s a blue moon!  H was born on Grandparent’s Day and L was born on the Summer Solstice, so would be nice, but we’ll see 😉


7 thoughts on “37 weeks

  1. So glad to hear how happy you are with the new hospital and of course that baby is doing well. It’s starting to get really exciting isn’t it! Will she come today? Will she come tomorrow? It could be any day really! So exciting!

  2. It’s great that you love the new hospital so much, it makes a huge difference eh. Totally with you on the worrying about giving birth. Even though I’ve done it 2 times, I’m still freaked out I won’t be able for it this time. I know I’ll be “Alright on the Night” though! This is my maiden comment on a FW blog by the way, during bedrest (big hint I hope!) I’ve decided to give this blogging another chance (have failed miserably in the past) as a Jane Doe. Not sure if I’ll stick with it, but for now it’s a great distraction.

    • Thank you 😉 Yes, it’s been four years for me, so I have forgotten a lot of it, although I DO know I was quite traumatised after the second time, even though it went better than my first. I am trying not to let that bother me though, I hope you don’t either! And I would love to read your blog!

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