Sewing pause…

Well, I’m trying to post about what I’ve been sewing, but I discovered that I currently have over 600 photos on my phone, which my p.c. tells me will take 2 hours to upload…, phone cameras are such a mixed blessing.  I have a perfectly good camera, but I DO tend to take a lot of photos on my phone.  Battery is always charged, and I can upload them to email/facebook, etc., so these days I kind of ignore my camera.  I plan to stop doing that so much.

I am so disorganised it’s not even true.  But I have recently done quite a bit, ok a LOT of sewing.  It’s made me realise it’s been ages since I posted about sewing stuff.  Most things are baby related, but hey ho, some of them can be non-baby related too!

I made…

  • a few burp cloths from some soft brightly coloured towels and odds of fabric.  I got this idea from Dana at MADE.  I used to check her site quite a bit, but hadn’t looked for a while.  Hmm, turns out she’s been pregnant and given birth while I’ve been busy doing other things.  I DO love her stuff though, for the most part.  I haven’t finished them all yet, so will post pics when they are done.



  • a quilt.  Ugh, see what I mean about the photo quality?!?  My first ever quilt and possibly my last.  I didn’t find it particulary hard and kind of made it up by looking at various websites and piecing things together.  I did find it quite boring and tedious though, and although I’m happy with the result, I don’t think it’ll turn into an obsession.
  • I made my own continuous bias tape (see quilt), which was a pain in the bum, but it’s a lot bigger than the tape available in shops here, and the quality of the material much better.  Plus I probably saved quite a bit of money by using material to make it myself.


  • a dress for baby refashioned from an old skirt of mine.  It looks teeny tiny, so it may become a dolly dress, but as my Mum pointed out, babies ARE pretty teeny tiny, so who knows.  I got the FREE pattern and tutorial for this from:



  • two pairs of trousers/boardshorts for L.  I tried to make one pair with a bit of a flowery pattern on, but they are a little big on him, although he claims to love them.  I made those ones out of an old denim skirt of mine and the belt on a top I was throwing out.


  • a skirt for H out of the rest of the top I was throwing out.  This took a total of ten minutes because all I did was cut off the bottom of the top, make a casing, and thread some elastic through.  It then took another ten minutes to unpick some of the stitching, take out the safety pin that I’d sewn in, join the elastic and then sew it up again…



  • a skirt for me from an old top that Y described as my “gospel singer top”.  After he said that, I couldn’t see it as anything else.  I found this really useful (but a real pain to make because the material was so sheer).  I wear it over the top of leggings so that I can still wear my normal t-shirts.  I can’t bring myself to wear short tees and leggings, and with my bum, I really don’t think I should, so it makes for a nice cover up without making me sweat buckets (please ignore my filthy dirty bathroom mirror…).


  • I’m not sure whether I posted this or not, but a dress for myself.  I was proud of this one, as I bought the fabric for about 500 yen, made the pattern from an A-line Orla Kiely dress, made it a little wider and a bit longer, and I’ve worn it more often than not this summer.  The fabric is cool and light and it’s bright and bold too.  I can see myself wearing this as a non-pregnancy item next summer, although it will be a bit of a pain for nursing..



  • my hospital bag – ooh this is a bit of a favourite, although it caused me a lot of heartache.  I tried to upsize a children’s bento bag pattern, but failed on the numbers drastically.  Maths has NEVER been my strong point.  In the end it worked out ok though, after some back breaking standing over the table and measuring, cutting, measuring again, swearing and telling my husband to f off.  It turned into a bit of patchwork as I didn’t have enough to make it all from one fabric, but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  It’s massive, but last time I took a suitcase with me, and hated having to spread it open all the time.  I’ll be sharing a room with three other women in the hospital, so space is a little more limited this time.  I’ve almost got it packed, but not quite.  Still plenty of room to spare in it though.  I made the handles padded by sewing a little wadding inside the carrying part, but I used no interfacing or lining.  I really couldn’t be bothered, as it’s so big.

There you have it!  Loadsa swag!!  I do still very much looooooooooove to sew!  I also love to find bargains, especially as a soon to be mother-of-three.  I ordered some p.j.s for the hospital bag from Marks and Spencers in the U.K.  They deliver to Japan for 15 pounds, but as their p.j.s are only 9.50, I think it’s well worth it!  Plus, even though I ordered a UK 12-14 (I’m usually a 12), they fit me even now!!  Much better than buying some frumpy button front p.j.s that don’t fit my arse and make me feel as if I should be a granny and not a mummy 🙂  I was dubious about the quality when I ordered, even though I know M&S are decent.  But they are really comfy and stretchy.  Plus the leg is just the right length for me.  Perfect 😉  The pink polka dotty thing is a nightshirt that I will wear in the labour room.  It was 12 pounds, so cheap enough not to cry over when I can’t wash it clean…

Tomorrow the children start autumn term.  Happy Days for everyone!  And hoping that autumn is soon on it’s way!




6 thoughts on “Sewing pause…

  1. God you’re a legend. I’d LOVE to be able to sew. I think I probably would if Granny K wasn’t the sewer the in the family. I’m pretty sure if I started it would be more of a pain in the ass than fun so I’ll just wait till she drops off and I inherit her flash sewing machine!! And then I’ll come back here for inspiration. Love everything – especially the bag and in awe of the quilt and well done, cause I imagine it must be a bit monotonous but it looks fabulous!! And you can even make clothes and stuff. Board shorts are fab also. It all is. Great nesting going on there 🙂

    • Thanks so much! Yes, I don’t think I would have wanted to learn to sew with an expert in the house!! Not unless she was a patient teacher, that is, and even then. Truth is I’m too stubborn and proud. I am enjoying learning stuff independently and there’s so much information in books but mainly online. Hard to believe that a couple of years ago I HATED sewing machines. Now I still hate them, but love them at the same time because they’re just so fast!! I’d love to get to the adult clothes stage, shirts, trousers and tees and the like, but that is still a mystery to me.

      I have to admit I’m wondering about Granny K’s machine and what makes it do flashy…;)

  2. Hello,
    Gaijin wife in Fukuoka here! Love your sewing!
    I have never made anything in my life so I am in awe of you!
    I especially love the baby dress. I myself have a 3 month old girl and a 3 yr old girl.

  3. I came back to look at your beautiful sewing again today after our FB discussion. I am very envious of your sewing skills – I especially love your hospital bag!!! WOW!

    Maybe once your baby is born and a little older you should start making things to sell? I know for sure I would buy something!!

    • Thanks Nay! I did actually start putting items up for sale on Etsy, but I only have a couple of things up right now. I really could do with making some more things to put up, but there just seemed to be so many things to make for the family!

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