Hospital Update

Today the children are supposed to be at summer school, dressing like “Precure” characters the one activity from summer school that they’ve BOTH been super super excited about.  Except they’re not.  They’re at home, with me, watching Jungle Junction on Disney because they both have colds and fevers.  They’re dosed up on Calpol and don’t seem to be too bad today, but H was up in the night with a high temp., and I just thought it best that they didn’t go today.  I am the villain of course, but I think I’ve been forgiven..just about..

Apart from that, things seem to be looking up on the other fronts.  My husband and I are finally talking to each other again, and he is being a bit more helpful.  Actually, a lot more helpful.  Seems I underestimated his big mistake at work, which turned out to be a nearly getting fired mistake as there was an error with a large amount of money.  So I can understand his stress about the whole thing a lot more now.  I just wish he’d told me the extent of it and I would have been a lot more sympathetic.  But he also agrees that making a five minute phone call in his lunch hour wouldn’t have been such a hard thing to do either.  He came with me to my hospital appointment, which was great really.  Not much waiting, and the doctor and midwife both seemed very efficient and both of them talked to me instead of talking through my husband, which is always nice, even if I can’t explain exactly what I want to say or understand all of their questions.  The midwife went through my birth plan and said everything seemed fine except for perhaps maybe having to give the extra formula and sugar water (which I don’t really want) in case baby doesn’t seem to be getting enough from my breastmilk.  Well there is always a compromise, I suppose, and if my feeding goes ok, it shouldn’t be a concern anyway, so it’s not the end of the world by any means.

The doctor did a really great scan, and it didn’t feel rushed at all.  I also had no internal, very weird, as I have one EVERY time at my other hospital.  It was nice not to have to be spread eagled for once.  The midwife was a stunner, young, but seemed very knowledgeable and confident.  She didn’t say, “it depends on the doctor” once, apart from the sugar water thing, and at that point she was talking about the paediatrician anyway.  She didn’t hesitate about anything, and seemed very much in control.  I found it funny that she was chatting with the doctor over the partition too.  They had a really easy relationship, neither of them bowing down to each other.  It was a lovely change for me, where I’m used to nurses and midwives bowing to the doctors (literally) and shuffling about like little mice.  She was mad, of course, as all good midwives are.  Talking to me about labour with a smile and a twinkle in her eye that said, “you know it’s going to hurt like hell again, right?  Ha ha ha.”  Yes.  I’m at that stage of thinking why the hell am I going to put myself through the worst pain in the world…again?  “Ok, DEFINITELY the last time.” (My husband laughs at this comment.  He gets a dead arm).

I finally got the list of things that I need for the hospital, which is quite a bit different from my previous hospital, but in a good way really.  The main difference is that I have to bring my own p.j.s and nightie to labour in.  I actually prefer this, as previously, I’ve been given two pairs of p.j.s for a five day stay, and if I wanted more, I had to pay 500 yen rental and they often didn’t have a big enough size for me.  Plus they are those button through p.j.s with boobholes and press studs which always pop open or rub.  I have a pretty big chest, especially when the milk comes in, so even the largest size isn’t really all that comfortable.  I got a bit stressed out trying to find “front open” p.j.s, most of them were either too small/short, too granny-like and with too expensive (like 3000 yen), but then came to my senses and decided to get some cheap M&S cotton t-shirt p.j.s (9 pounds 50) in a size or two bigger than normal, as any tops can be feeding tops really, if you’re not bothered about showing your midriff, which I doubt I will be in my hospital bed.  I also ordered a normal t-shirt nightie for giving birth in.  Was only about 12 pounds, and it’s pretty enough to feel semi-normal, but cheap enough not to be sad about chucking if it gets all yucked up.  So I got four p.j.s and a nightie for about the same price as two or three pairs of the cheaper feeding p.j.s here.  Bargain.  I haven’t finished getting the stuff ready yet though.  I need a bag to put them in first.  Deep down this says to me that labour is a way off, otherwise I would be really stressing about getting it packed, as I usually have my bag packed by 34 weeks.

Right, now I’m off to finish making my hospital bag.  I adapted a smaller bag pattern, so it could work or it could be a major fail.  I’ve not really made much non-baby related right now, which makes me a bit sad, but when you’re almost nine months pregnant, the nesting instinct kicks in I guess and it takes over your life, as babies tend to do even before they are born, as well as me being too worn out most of the time to be sewing other stuff.  Will post about the latest sewing projects next time.


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