Bugger it

I have locked my door tonight.  I have no idea if my husband will come home or not.  To be honest, I don’t even care.  He made a mistake..at work..a big financial one, and now everyone is trying to help him, and he can’t care about his family.  Not even for a five minute phone call to the dentist for his crap wife.  His wife is crap because she is crap at studying Japanese, despite being a linguist who can speak two other languages other than her own.  One of which fairly fluently.

I am an independent soul.  I like to do things myself, but I can’t.  Instead I have to rely on someone who is ultimately unreliable and am now dosed on paracetamol and waiting to go to some crappy emergency dentist because all of the decent dentists have gone home to be with THEIR families for the festival of the dead.  Perhaps if I were dead, I would receive more attention from my workaholic husband.

Enjoy your night at your Mother’s house…div.


5 thoughts on “Bugger it

  1. Just so you don’t think I’m
    A complete selfish and heartless cow, this mistake was made a few weeks ago..and I WAS only asking for a five minute phone call in his lunch break..

  2. Glad you put that comment – I was thinking OK, so if he fucked up yesterday and was running round trying to fix it all night then maybe that is OK – but a few weeks …… I HATE the ‘you do it’ for everything stance a lot of our husbands take. I hate it for me and I translate for a living so if my Japanese wasn’t up to making the conversation in the first place i’d be mightly pissed off. There’s just not much sense of ‘helping your family out’ – doing things because somebody has asked you to help them – unless of course its work in which case you drop life and run to do whatever is asked of you.

    I hope you get to the dentist and that it is a good one and things get sorted. I think hub might need another night at his mum’s though. xxx

    • I am quite tolerant when it comes to work, especially having worked in a Japanese office here myself. I understand the dedication and working hard, but I don’t see it as an either/or thing. I see working here as being as efficient as possible so that you don’t have to do hours and hours of overtime. My Japanese co-workers seemed to get little done during working hours and were then racing around like blue-arsed flies in overtime. It was almost as if they were SAVING their work so they didn’t have to look bad by going home earlier than everyone else…

      I do find it hard actually, because I hate that I live here but don’t speak the language well enough. I find myself rude, and that just makes it harder as I’m constantly feeling crap about that. Plus I’m proud, so I kind of hate having to apologise to people for being so crap I can’t speak the language of the country where I live. Complex situation that can only really be solved by getting my bum into gear and studying!

  3. I’m just catching up with your recent posts now. So glad that the Red Cross seems to be working for you. So sorry for what a trying summer this is turning out to be for you. If there’s anything you need, please let me know. I’m happy to make a few phone calls for you if that will help. I hope hub has come home today with his tail so far between his legs he’s nearly choking on it (not that I hope he chokes, because I think you still need him around for a little longer, at least til #3 can walk, right?). Take care of yourself!!

    • Thanks, I’m off to the hospital tomorrow for the first appointment, so we’ll see! Thanks for your offer, I might take you up on it!

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