I have sadly decided that I need to make the following statement out of self-respect.  This is due to unwanted attention and/or behaviour.  I am somewhat flattered that some find my thoughts/ideas inspirational, but don’t appreciate them being taken and used for other blogs/sources with no credit.  I am not an ideas board to take from and use my ideas as if they were your own.  I would like this to remain a public blog, but kindly request that credit is given for my ideas if you wish to use them on your own site/platform.

Thank you.



4 thoughts on “Etiquette

    • Just as I said, others using my ideas and passing them off as their own. I don’t mind sharing ideas for regular blog posts, etc., just feel that there should be credit where credit’s due.

    • Well I COULD go into detail and name names, but that seems a little childish and wouldn’t do anyone any good, so I just wrote this.

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