Bumps ‘n’ bellies

abundant, anticipating, enceinte, expectant, expecting, fecund, fertile, fraught, fruitful, gestating, gravid, heavy, hopeful, in family way, parous, parturient, preggers, productive, prolific, replete, teeming, with child

Got it?  Good 😉  So I’m not really one for coming over all one-sided, but I’m dedicating this whole post to my new baby, who is due in September.  If I do it again, I’ll categorise it, as I’m fairly sure some people won’t be interested in my baby-talk, but I’d like a record, and to keep my family up to date with developments.  I was 20 weeks last Thursday, which is five months in most countries, and half-way in all countries I would imagine.  I’ve only just decided to come out to the online world that I’m expecting (although I do love the word “teeming” XD) because I like to keep a lot of things private.  And I kind of want to look back over the past five months with this post.

So at the end of December I started feeling a bit queasy.  Actually quite bloody awful.  Hmm, this is too soon to feel bad, I thought.  Especially seeing as I have never experienced morning sickness before.  But I was exhausted, sick (although never actually vomited, just felt of the edge of it), tender, and had been having really vivid dreams.  Surprised at the speed and the relative severity of my symptoms, I not only knew that I was abundant (yes, I plan on using as many of the above words as possible in this post!), but I was a little fearful, ok, terrified that I was expecting more than one.  When my Mum gave birth to me, in the age before scans were used at all, and it was all very much guesswork what was going on in there, her waters broke twice.  Her waters used to break like mine do, with a huge explosion (and that’s where our birth similarities end, more on that later).  The midwife later told my Mum that there had been two sacks, and “that’s how close you came to having twins”.  I’m not quite sure what happened here.  I know that a lot of births begin as multiples, but don’t end up that way, but I’d never really thought that you would be aware unless you miscarried one of them, hearing that some of them either blend into the other or just kind of melt away in their smallness..so not sure.  Anyway, I always think of twins as running in the family, and although twins always sounds lovely, in reality, I think it would be an absolute nightmare..especially when you already have young children to care for.  So when I had my second scan where baby was clearly visible, I was very grateful that there was only one baby in there.

Unfortunately, the symptoms lasted for a good long while.  I think it might have been about 14 weeks or so?  How frustrating it is to feel so ill, but not really be able to tell people why!  I suppose I could have, but I always think it best to wait until at least ten weeks to let the cat out of the bag to close friends and family.  Plus there seems to be an influx of enceinte mothers in the foreign wives community right now. Not being a sheep at ALL, I was a little worried that people might think I was just jumping on the bandwagon…heaven forbid!!  Oh, and I also got influenza A and was left at home to deal with it and two sick children who were just getting over it, while my husband went out to a drinking party…I was REALLY cross that night…

So then my journey into the second trimester and I have yet to feel all the energy that one is supposed to feel in one’s second trimester.  In fact, knackered is more like it.  I have no energy to be standing in the kitchen preparing a healthy meal, or going around the supermarket for even ten minutes.  I seriously wish that I could do my shopping online like back home.  None of that ridiculous PAL system shopping either, where you have to decide a week in advance what you’re going to want to eat, then pay out of your arse for vegetables that you can get for much cheaper at the supermarket (ok, please remember that I am surrounded by freehold farms here with good cheap produce that I don’t need to go to a farmer’s market for).  Just some good modern online grocery shopping would be great.

Well, I suppose I HAVE been starting to cook a bit more healthily than I was in the first trimester, when instead of cooking, all I felt like doing was drinking spring water and eating white toast.  I am looking on the bright side in that the smell of food cooking no longer makes me gag.  I did think about going raw at one stage, raw and veggie, I suppose they go hand in hand, but I thought that would be miserable in the winter, and I wouldn’t want to impose that on the whole  of my family.  Plus of course the raw food diet is a very costly one.

Ok, where was I?!  Oh yes, my brain is fried..really, I have next to no memory, am feeling hyper disorganised, can’t reverse in the car, can’t focus on more than two things at once.  This is very tough for someone like me, who hates being out of control.  But I AM trying!  Other symptoms include the very unwelcome return of pregnancy depression.  This is very swept under the carpet compared to post-natal depression, but not to be underrated.  I’ve felt very desperate at times, irritated, not wanting to get out of bed, feeling “fat”, etc. etc.  This is depression, and my husband doesn’t understand it.  Thankfully, touch wood, I seem to be doing better these days.  I started pregnancy yoga, relaxation, eating better and trying to get more sleep.  The change in diet didn’t help, especially as I’d worked so hard with the well-woman clinic diet, which as I posted about before, helped my moods greatly.  I like to eat, and feeling sick for over three months was really quite miserable for me.  So I tried to keep away from people, because I hate whingeing, even on my blog!  And now am ready to tell you all about it, because this is not a whiney post 😉

Well, that’s enough rambling.  I’ll leave you with some gravid, heavy, hopeful, prolific bump pics…had to be done, I’m afraid…

This is me at six weeks, starting to get a bit chunkier.  I have NO idea why neither my P.C. nor WordPress will allow me to rotate this..it’s highly annoying.  Anyway, I was still able to fit into my normal clothes, but only ones with a bit of stretch.  I did quickly gain an inch or so in bloat, I suppose it was.

this is my tum at fourteen weeks.  I am not a big fan of this stage.  Just look chubby, and my abs WERE a bit chubby because I had stopped exercising and my muscle was becoming fat..look at that midriff XD


This was around fifteen weeks, I think?  I had just come back from work, and wearing a belly band because I suddenly found I couldn’t button up my suit trousers.

This is around eighteen weeks.  I didn’t take any for a while because I got tonsilitis and didn’t really feel that great.  My stomach is still no bigger than my chest, but then my chest is growing too..really no need for that.

This is nineteen weeks.  I was clearing up and caught sight of my profile in the window’s reflection.  Holy bumps!  I thought.  Where did that come from?!?  And severe boobage..I’m thinking with all of the symptoms, including looking and feeling like crap and having terrible skin, that this one could be a girl.  Although my bump IS looking quite basketball like these days.  Care to hazard a guess?  There’s a 50% chance you’ll get it right…


10 thoughts on “Bumps ‘n’ bellies

  1. wow congratulations! you certainly did keep that news close 🙂
    Looking forwwrd to hearing more about your journey 🙂

  2. Congratulations!! Hate that feeling sick but not actually being sick stage. I always thought that surely it would be more satisfying just to actually be able to vomit but I never did. I guess people that vomit four times a day would be calling me a silly cow 🙂 You’re bumps cute – officially in the pregnant bump not chubby tummy stage. With number three I looked full term at about 6 months. Awesome. Good luck for the next twenty weeks. Hope you get some energy soon 🙂 And hit hub over the head from me. Leaving his pregnant wife feeling shitty with two sick kids while he’s out on the piss? No good 😦

    • Yes, I do hate nausea, but then I also hate throwing up..but once you’ve thrown up, apparently even with morning sickness it can bring some relief. I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that it’s a sign of good health supposedly..so that kind of makes sense in that I’d changed my diet to eat more healthily, and therefore felt like crap…right?!?!?! Oh, and don’t worry, I used plenty of violence on husband…

  3. Love the belly shots! I hope you start feeling more energetic soon! When I was pregnant with Amelie I was very sad a lot of the time. I thought it was just hormones making me emotional. I didn’t realize that depression during pregnancy is actually a symptom (?, I don’t know what else to call it). I spent A LOT of time crying and upset and I remember completely losing it one night and telling hub that everyone would be better off without me. It makes me feel better to know at least I’m not the only one to have ever felt like that while pregnant. Wishing you all the best for a smooth second half!

  4. Thanks Brenda! I remember one lady contacting me from MIJ to tell me that she suffered from depression while pregnant too and it WAS really comforting. Thankfully, I am feeling much much better now! In terms of energy, still exhausted unfortunately, but I think I can put it down to my age/looking after a bigger place and two other children!

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