Crap, Crap, Crap

Wow, I have completely lost le mojo de blogging!  Nothing much is going on here, perhaps that’s why?  Or just too much that I don’t know where to start?  Anyway, I don’t really have a good idea for a blog.  I just thought I’d better write something to ease me back into it, so you will be treated to my verbal diarrhoea – yay for you!

Storm (my girl cat) is in heat.  We got Thunder fixed a while ago, I didn’t want to risk him knocking her up.  The vet was hesitant, as he was only about five months old at the time, and they like to wait until six months, or the cat shows signs of adulthood.  These signs include pissing up everything, running around like a maniac and wanting to go outside.  Well the last two, he already did, but I’m fairly sure it wasn’t a sign of his impending desire to mate.  The first one, ugh, God…he already flicked the litter everywhere and sometimes brought his poo out with him.  Peeing as well as all of that, I could not stand.  Plus anyway, from what I’ve read, five months is fine.  The vet looked at me and said, “well, I suppose.  They do that in America from four months, right?”  In my head, I said, “oh do they?  How about in Peru?”.  In reality, I smiled at her and gritted my teeth.

So Thunder is a boy forever.  And he has the fat post-castration belly to prove it.  We had meant to get Storm done too, but as there was no rush, neither of us really did anything to get the process started.  A little while ago, she did a bit of caterwauling…at least what I THOUGHT was caterwauling…Now I see that it was NOT.  Since last Friday, she has been practically screaming (as much as a cat can, and believe me, they make some very un-cat-like noises), not being able to keep still, licking her bits (really Storm, that’s not how ladies behave), and from today, lifting up her rear.  Every time someone brushes past her, her bum is in the air.  Seriously..that is NOT what a lady does!!  And poor Thunder.  He just wants to play, but every time he tries to wrestle with her, she does the whole rolling around on the floor bit and Thunder slinks away sharpish.

I asked Y to contact the vet and see if we could get her in this weekend.  It’s an overnight thing for the girls, and a bit more major, so weekend would be better so I can get a bit of help with the language, etc.  She should have finished her cycle by then, but apparently cats get them every few weeks.  I really don’t want to live through another.  She’s very affectionate, and I mean she’ll come for a fuss and sit on my lap, which is nice (only the times when she doesn’t present me with her vagina), but I want my old cat back.  The snooty independent animal who won’t let anyone touch her.  It’s definitely preferable to the noise that wakes me up every night…


2 thoughts on “Crap, Crap, Crap

  1. hahahha! oh dear, shouldn`t laugh but your descriptions are very good 🙂 Here`s hoping you can get her in over the weekend and back to normal soon after that.

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