Out the other side

Ho hum, guess who caught the flu?  From a very early Tuesday morning, or middle of the night, whichever way your perspective goes, when I woke up with a fever feeling like crap, until now, where I still feel like crap, but a better grade of crap than earlier in the week.  I’m sure other mothers will agree (or fathers, depending on who is the stay at home parent), being sick, with sick children to care for, really sucks.  In my opinion, being sick, when your children are getting better/or well sucks more.  We have been pretty much housebound for the past week and a half.  On Monday afternoon, I took the kids out for a drive and despite exploring the same territory several times due to the children always wanting to go left, it was nice to get out without actually being out.  We stopped at a convenience store for hot lemon, then it was back home to the warm again (well, slightly less warm than in the car actually, but that’s Japanese insulation for you).

I have to say, I think this is the first time I’ve ever had flu.  It really knocked me for six.  So much so, that on the Tuesday late morning, I had to ask Y to take the afternoon off work to come and help me.  This is very rare for me.  I have a guilty conscience, am very stubborn and hate to say that I can’t cope.  So he came home and I asked him if he would make me some chicken soup.  The children had already made themselves some peanut butter and jam sandwiches – hurray for sliced bread.  I asked him to hang up the laundry, “if you could, please” and every time I asked him to do something, I felt wretched.  Eventually, I went up to bed and read my book for a while before dropping off.  I estimate that I got about half an hour before H came up and woke me from my slumber,

“Mummy, Daddy’s watching too much television.  I keep telling him, but he keeps saying ‘this is the good bit’ and keeps watching it.  Mummy, I’m bored.”

“What do you want me to do about it?” I grunted, “just go and play if you don’t want to watch it.”

Two minutes later, L comes up and jumps on me.

Ten minutes later, Y comes up, “what should I cook for dinner?”

Erm, I don’t know, use your imagination?!?  He went off to the supermarket with L and left me with a restless H.  I found her a Hana’s Helpline episode on You tube and we watched that together.  Then she wanted to chat.  What about, I can’t remember.  I had a fever, and I never get a fever.  I was a bit of a wreck.  So after being unable to get back to sleep, I ventured downstairs after Y and L were back and saw what they were having for dinner.  Rice balls wrapped in tons of really salty korean seaweed, and yakitori..hmm, not the wisest choice for two children who’d been living on dried toast for the past four days.

“Do you want some?” Y asked.

“No, thanks, I’d like a ham salad toastie though.”  Y sat down to eat.  Feeling pissy, I heaved my aching body out from under the kotatsu, made it myself, had a huge temper tantrum about him not really being all that helpful, ate my sandwich, then hauled myself back under the kotatsu.

Today, day four, after sleeping sitting up wedged on pillows so I could actually breathe, I woke up feeling semi-normal.  Apart from the above, I have little recollection of the days that preceded this one.  I remember the Tamiflu made the kids really unbelievably naughty, and that I was cold pretty much all the time.  I woke up to piles of dirty clothes lying by the side of my bed, dust everywhere, laundry all over the place and cat litter flicked all over the place.  I thought, at least I should do the hoovering today, and ended up whipping around the house, vacuuming, dusting, bed changing, ironing, clothes sorting, chucking, etc.  I DO feel better for it though.  If they say you feel better when you look better, I think the same can be said for a clean/tidy house.  I sorted out baby clothes that had been hanging around for years that nobody wanted, and threw a lot of stuff out that I realised was just no good anymore.  Now for a relaxing evening, please be good going to bed tonight kids, and remember reading a whole book has Mummy gasping for breath, ok?


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