Fabric, pins and needles

Happy New Year to all.  I can’t quite believe it’s January again, and I’m surviving the cold…just about!  After weeks of deliberation, we decided to get a kotatsu.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s a table with a built in heater underneath, and a duvet that you can slip in between the table top and the frame.  You sit under it and it’s almost like being in bed..but that you have a table, and it’s heated…maybe you should Google it..ha ha!  We used to have one when we were first married.  Actually it belongs to MIL, and thinking she was still using it, we decided to buy one of our own.  Hers was really big, but we figured that since we will put it away in storage for most of the year, a small one would do just fine.  We might end up getting a coffee table at some point when the children are bigger, but right now we don’t really have much need for it, and it would just end up getting in the way.  The kotatsu gets in the way too, but it’s not really as annoying as I’d remembered.  Mind you, our first kotatsu was also used for eating our meals…with a baby who dropped food everywhere.  Plus I was really crap at cleaning up those days.

The holiday is still going on.  Y went back to work today though, so it’s getting a little closer to normality.  We have done a lot of firsts this year..first bread baking, biscuit making, park visiting, shrine praying, MIL visiting, etc., but I have yet to sew anything yet this year!!  I usually spend my mid-mornings sewing, after I’ve done the housework and before I have to pick up the children from nursery.  I made a few things for Christmas, but have waited to post until the gifts were received.  My favourite was this:

Can you tell what it is yet?

How about this one:

this was requested from me by my younger sister

Well, it’s a sandwich wrap!  What a great economical/ecological idea, eh?  Wish I could claim it, but no, there are loads of these things around.  It was surprisingly simple to make, apart from the tutorial I used getting the velcro corners wrong…grr…but thank you seam ripper, those were sorted quickly enough.  The lining is laminated cotton.  Might be wise to check that the material you use is safe for food if you are thinking of making one.

And more things that I made for gifts last month:

WordPress is having a rotating issue with me today…sorry for your neck x  Anyway, this is a lunch bag with an oilcloth lining.

A lovely patchwork skirt for H.  This took DAYS, but that’s only because it’s supposed to be made from charm pack pieces that are sized and pinked, so I had to cut out and zig zag all the seams.  It’s a whole lot of material…look:

this is a good old Deborah Moebes tutorial  from her book Stitch by Stitch.  It has a really good twirl to it too, but the gathering was a hard slog…I always get stuck with gathering 😦

Ok, I admit that these trousers started off without the furry cuffs…but they were too short.  I don’t know what happened, because I usually do trousers with a huge hem so I can let them down when my childrens legs grow, but I must’ve forgotten, so I stuck the santa bits on the bottom.  They look a bit odd in the photo, but they are really cute on!  The checked fabric is soft flannel with a slight stretch.  Lovely boyish but red (almost unheard of here) fabric.

My second attempt at a jersey top.  I made this pattern from an existing t-shirt, but I’m sure I must’ve made about seven changes as I was going alone, and not to the pattern either, so I think it’ll be a while until I make another.  I scoured the net for tutorials for a simple long sleeved jersey top, but there are NONE!!  If you find any, please let me know!

Ugh, another sideways one, and so blurry, but I couldn’t get the children to stay still.  I made H a dress from the same jersey, and made it a shirt tail hem because, erm…I ran out of fabric and thought it would look cuter than trimming it to the same length.  I based it on the pattern here.  I still find the collar a bit loose, but again, gathering, and I think I should have pulled the collar tighter while I was stitching it.  It’s a bit annoying.  These were the last two things I sewed, so I am looking forward to getting back to proper cotton twill.  I got a kindle for Christmas, so the next thing is perhaps a case for that?

I picked up a fortune yesterday and it turned out to be “great fortune” which is the best one you can get.  Here’s to a great year of happiness, health and lots and lots of sewing!


6 thoughts on “Fabric, pins and needles

    • Thanks Mel. I use ribbed jersey for the collars and cuffs, but I’m sure you could use just normal jersey. I like the look better with the ribbed stuff, plus it was on special at the craft shop, so I bought loads of it!

    • Thanks Beatriz! It is a little loose around the waist, so I have to alter the waistband. I think she’ll like it a little better then. She’s so active though, always climbing around, so she often takes it off and just makes do with her leggings!

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