Something to Think about

Found this fantastic list through a friend on Facebook.  I already had a couple of people thank me for it, as it can’t help but make you feel better!  Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those scam posts..although hmm, it seems to be sounding like it.

Anyway, the theme of these past few days ponderings seems to be competitiveness and peer pressure.  I have always tried to think outside the box and not to let other people influence my decisions or actions.  I ask for advice from time to time, but the decisions I make on my own are usually the most sound ones, because they are the ones that are right for me.  We all need friends, but I often wonder sometimes about the negative effects of friendship.  We say that we are individuals, but to be a good friend/wife/husband/mother, you often end up doing things that you don’t really want to do or making choices that you would otherwise not have made.  I think it’s important to understand these, and also to think about yourself.  It’s not being selfish, because always giving to others is eventually damaging to everyone, don’t you think?

It makes me wonder where I would be now if I hadn’t listened to ANYONE.  But then I stop, because that’s number 6 and number 9…and I DO often think about the past.  I remember my Dad talking about his army conscription with nothing but fond memories.  Then one day my Mum said to me that he hadn’t really enjoyed it all that much.  After all, he was an 18 year old boy leaving home for the first time, living miles away and being yelled at by Sergeant Majors with beady eyes and bad breath.  When I asked him he said, “I suppose you only remember the good.”  And in many cases, this is true.  Look back on the past and I see a lot of happy times.  There are marked sad times too, of course, I can’t hoodwink myself too much, but our memories of what has been aren’t always all that accurate.  Our memories fool us to protect us from remembering how miserable we were.  Otherwise how would we ever pull ourselves out of it?  I suppose many people don’t.  So I shall stop rattling on and leave you to read the blog post.  Please do.  I am not a big fan of “stop…” lists, but this one is a good one x


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