We have a cold.  When I say we, I mean me, H and L.  Y seems to have so far escaped unscathed, but he is still complaining of a stuffy nose, most probably due to some allergy or another.  I am a TERRIBLE patient.  Yesterday, I was feeling pretty awful, and so was H.  L seems to have a really good immune system, so his colds are often shortlived and not so terrible.  I am not often ill, so when I am, I am always shocked that a cold can make you feel so bad.  Coincidentally, I only seem to get a cold when my period is due.  I suppose my body is quite depleted at this time, but it makes me think with recent blood test events, and the fact that my triglycerides are low, so that apparently means my periods are tougher.  It’s so confusing considering high triglyceride levels are “bad”.  All this LDL/HDL/Triglyceride business has my head in a spin.  Or maybe that’s just the cold…or the Panadol Advance!!  Oh my God this stuff is amazing!  Now I always make sure I have paracetamol in the house, but I never thought that the brand mattered.  Bottle of paracetamol for 15p or Panadol for a pound (mildly offended that I have $ on my keyboard but no pound sign), and I would always go for the cheaper option.  But when you are in pain, especially period cramps that attack you in seconds, this stuff is like heroin for an addict.  It is fantastic.  I can’t for the life of me think of any better painkiller, and I wonder why it is not more widely available in this country.  Well, I suppose I can, but I say that for effect.

So today is day two of being holed up at home with a cold and two bored children.  Only today, Y decided to take a half day off work to “help”.  What I am about to say might make me appear to be an ungrateful selfish bitch.  But in keeping with my new honest blogging, I will say it anyway, and hope that other housewives/women understand.  I have spent the morning wishing that he had gone to work.  He vacuumed the whole house.  Not very well, there are lots of bits of dust lying around because he didn’t tidy up or polish first.  He mopped.  He started in front of him, and walked over what he had mopped.  He spread bits of now wet dust all over the floor.  Hold breath, count to ten.  He stripped the beds, but only the quilt covers.  I followed him and took off the sheets and pillowcases.  He hung the quilts on the balcony, after wiping the balcony clean…with his hand…

I can’t help thinking that if he’d gone to work and I hadn’t done any cleaning that I would have felt better and more able to rest than now.  I can’t relax when he is buzzing around trying to get things done.  I am rubbish at being ill too.

Now he’s back from the supermarket, where I sent him to get pumpkin seeds and eggs.  It makes him feel useful.  It gives me a break.  Better go and try to act grateful.  I am grateful, just wish I could have some alone time.


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