Eggs, tofu, nuts, meat, fish

That is the order of the proteins I prefer, although if  we were talking white fish, I would probably put that second.  Day two of the new health plan.  In the past two days I have lost 1.2 kilos.  I kid you not.  I have not been starving myself.  On the contrary in fact, I feel pretty full most of the time and am only reminded by the clock that it’s time to cook lunch.  I studied the healthy eating guide and was grateful for lots of pictures, as reading Japanese is not my strong point.  I find it funny that they recommend eating very dark bread which I have NEVER seen on sale in Japan.  If I had, believe me I would have been buying it for years as I love dark grainy bread!

Yesterday’s breakfast was the hardest.  I usually give the children cereal, yoghurt, fruit or toast and then get everything ready for nursery, do a bit of housework and then have my own breakfast after I’ve got back from taking the children.  So making a breakfast containing protein and sitting down and eating it before we had to rush out was a little bit time consuming.  I didn’t get my recommended two palmfuls of protein, but I figured that some is better than none.

Breakfast was brown rice and fried egg with tomatoes and orange juice and soda water.  

My diet sheet frowns upon lots of fruit, but I love fruit, so that rule’s getting bent.  Apparently grapefruit is ok, but grapefruit is one of the only fruits I can’t stand.

Lunch was tofu in peanut and sesame oil with courgettes and beansprouts, an avocado and pepper salad in low fat lemon dressing and a slice of wholewheat walnut loaf.


I found this website thanks to a facebook friend, and managed to find some wholewheat strong bread flour, a FIVE kilo bag, woohoo!  I know you can bake bread using normal wholewheat flour, but then you have to mix it with white and it’s not quite as rustic.  So I baked this loaf (I used black and white sesame seeds and sunflower seeds).  The only “nasty” is the salt, which the bread needs for the yeast anyways, but no sugar, syrup, honey, marg., etc.  It’s a really heavy bread, and the walnuts and seeds add a really yummy crunch.  This seemed like a huge lunch, and I was kind of full before I started eating the bread, but I can’t give up that part XP


Dinner was cheats chicken kiev with broccoli, carrot, leek, green pepper simmered with tomato puree and mixed herbs and wholemeal rice.


Yeah…the chicken looks REALLY pink here…duh…

You can find the recipe here.  I used Boursin for the filling.  L loved it, but H wasn’t so keen on the cheese.  Plus my oven takes forever to cook stuff, so I had to keep putting it back into the oven after discovering pink bits..yikes.

I bought wholemeal rice and just cooked five cups of it, then wrapped them in individual portions and put them in the freezer.  Then I cooked up white mixed with a little wholemeal for the rest of the family. The rice is supposedly cooked better in a rice cooker with a “wholemeal rice mode”, but I find it ok anyway, plus ours doesn’t have that mode.

Today’s Breakfast was stir fried tofu with green peppers, pak choi and tomato, half a slice of nutty bread toast and a poached egg.  


This seemed like a very odd breakfast to me.  I’m used to cereal, yoghurt, fruit, maybe a piece of toast, or a pancake, egg on toast, maybe.  But tofu?  And vegetables?  Odd.  But I made it, and ate it, and actually it was quite nice to have this kind of food for breakfast.  I didn’t feel overly full afterwards like I often do with cereal, and I feel like I’ve started the day on a good note.

I was a bit wary of this diet at first to be honest.  But if what I eat can change my mood so much, then I am more than willing to try it.  Especially as the supplements are costing so much money, at least that’s an incentive to stick at it!  I don’t want to go off carbs completely.  I tried the Atkins diet when it first came out, lost half a stone (3 kilos) in a week but I felt awful.  Plus I think people who do that stuff look really ill in the face.  Maybe I’m just thinking of the stick thin celebrities that overdo it.  Seriously though, I’m not a great believer in diets.  When they told me at the hospital that I couldn’t eat chocolate, that was the first thing I wanted to eat, even though I rarely crave it.  Denying yourself something only makes you want it more.  So I will show self-restraint because it makes me FEEL better already, but if I feel like a piece of chocolate from time to time, I’ll have one.  The thing I was saddest about was the no more sugar in your coffee.  I drink mostly green tea these days, but I do like one or two coffees a day.  Surprisingly, drinking it without sugar isn’t so bad.  Maybe my tastebuds are going back to preferring bitter tastes again.

The children are off nursery today.  H says her stomach hurts and it was too much hassle to try and get L to go on his own.  Better go and think about what we’re having for lunch…dinner…;)



6 thoughts on “Eggs, tofu, nuts, meat, fish

  1. wow! that looks yummy! You`ve inspired me now..I have been trying to cut back on carbs for a while now but like you, toast is the easiest thing in the morning. Although I do notice when I eat it I feel like I have a sudden energy drain compared to eating yogurt or fruit or rice.
    Keep it up! and yay for losing a bit of weight that you wanted to!

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