No, I haven’t changed my career to fashion, but we DID bring two kittens into our family just over two weeks ago.  We’d planned to visit the shelter when the children and I got back from the U.K., but we hadn’t really planned on going back so soon.  I should have known that going there “to have a look” would involve us making some kind of promise or another.

As soon as we walked into the shelter, two kittens caught my eye before the volunteer had finished spraying my feet with disinfectant.  A white/silver tabby in one cage, and in the cage underneath, a jet black bright eyed cutie.  I am not really all that fussed about looks, but in my mind, those two combinations would have been perfect!  So we had a hold, chatted to the foster parents, and the black one was taken away.  I misunderstood and thought that he’d been rehomed, but it turned out the foster family were just going home, as it was closing time anyway.  We chatted with the foster parent of the first one we’d seen, and found out she was a two months old, and had been found abandoned on a road near her home by the motorway.  The fosterer was fairly sure that she wasn’t a stray cat as she was really clean and I suppose didn’t really have that “street” look that cats born as strays have.

We explained to her that we were looking for a pair of cats.  This is mainly through advice from friends and from what I’ve read.  I know that I’m at home a lot now, but in the future, I’m pretty sure I’ll be working more and I didn’t want a cat that would be lonely.  To be honest, I’ve always thought of myself as a dog person.  My family has always had dogs while I was growing up, I love their loyalty, and that they’re always ready for a fuss.  But at this stage in my life, I have to say that I don’t really think I have enough love to give a dog.  The fact that cats are relatively independent is a lot more appealing, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll have a dog, but the fact that I can’t let the dog off the lead for a good run without getting into trouble/paying the earth for dog runs/not having a garden as such to let him roam free, is also a bit of a turn off for me.

So the fosterer reluctantly admitted that she had another kitten in her home that got on really well with the one we were interested in.  She was reluctant because she had another kitten with a similar coat and had thought it might be easier to find a home for them together.  She said he was also two months old, but at the earlier end, also tabby, but a lot darker.  I was excited at the prospect of being able to take two kittens that were already friends.  Although I’d liked the black kitten, and hadn’t seen the other cat, I was much more into the idea of getting cats with a close connection.  They aren’t related, but they really do love each other…for now..

So here they are, in our house.  It’s a learning experience for me and my husband, as we both come from “dog families”.  But I have to say, cats are pretty independent and easy to care for.  It’s simply a case of feeding, cleaning, playing and there you have it.  For now, they just stay downstairs, but mostly that’s because I still haven’t thrown out all my plants upstairs/tidied up my sewing room/bedroom for hazards…Being indoor cats, they’ll get the run of the house eventually I’m sure, but for now, at nights they stay downstairs and pretty peacefully at that.

We looked at cat towers/trees, whatever you want to call them, but I hate the ones available here..most of them are beige/brown with hideously thick carpeting which gets shabby after probably a week or so.  And you walk into a room with a cat tower, and it’s like, “oh, it’s a cat tower.”  I didn’t want our catwalk to scream “cat!”, so we had a look online, and eventually decided to go with shelving.  Ok, usually shelving in houses has things on it, but ours IS a catwalk after all.  We painted the shelves, carpeted the top, and Y bought a drainpipe, covered the bottom with rope (for scratching) and the top with carpet.  The clips holding the carpet on the tube aren’t ideal, but overall it looks pretty good.  And the best part is it’s given me ideas for stuff in other areas of the house that we could do NOT cat related, colour-wise/storage-wise etc.  On the cat front, we still have to sort out the litter trays, which are now sitting in all their glory in the living room…not the best thing to look at.  I got some fantastic inspiration at Ikea Hackers though.  What a fantastic website!

So to pics.  The whiter kitten (female)  is called Storm and the darker one (male) is Thunder.  I was toying around with these names for a while.  I didn’t know whether to go for cutie names or something like we did.  It’s easy to call a kitten something cute, but when they get bigger, I suppose it gets weird.  Same with our two now.  Their names seem a little old for them, but they also fit too.  Storm is more anti-social and brooding.  She almost never comes to you for a fuss, and will rarely sit on your lap, but does like to lie down next to you sometimes.  Thunder is fast (yeah, I know, that’s more like lightening) and when he plays, he makes this funny rumbling sound, like thunder.  He’s very affectionate.  A definite lapcat.  It works out really well though, I think.  If they were both playful or both snooty, it wouldn’t be ideal.  Perfect combination!

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2 thoughts on “Catwalk

    • Mine didn’t like cats AT all. First he said, “no way. Cats stink.” Then I told him that he stank but I still lived with him…After a while he got more into the idea. I talked him round until he was more excited than me…I’d like to think it was my skill, but I think he is just easily lead…XD

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