Long time coming

Well I certainly lost my blogging mojo, didn’t I?  First of all, even though I had lots of time back in the U.K., somehow I just didn’t really have the urge to write, nor know what to write about.  Secondly, things have been hard lately and I haven’t really felt that I could tackle that in the blogging world, so I think I’ll leave that for another day when I’m feeling a bit braver.

We were all safe during the riots in the U.K., thanks for all those who showed their concerns x  It was a bit of a shock to feel unsafe yet again, but this time in my home country.  I and many others were disgusted and ashamed of the behaviour shown by some individuals.  It was another blow in terms of what mankind is all about, but thankfully it was short-lived and things soon got back to normal.  I suppose there will always be idiots wherever you go.

The children are off kindergarten today after a weekend of sport’s days, and will be back on Thursday, which feels a bit like an age, but I have some projects in mind, namely cake baking, fairy wing making, play doh-ing and a picnic play-date at the park tomorrow, so I hope that will keep them amused enough to not be at each others throats (they are currently in the middle of a huge row about who gets to put their play doh in the frying pan, serves me right for thinking I could get a quick blog post in).

So for today I’m easing myself back into blogging.  I’ll put some photos up that hopefully will give a little insight into our last few months.  Happy Tuesday!

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