Food – week 4

Today’s shopping came to 7,471 yen.  That’s actually quite a lot now I think about it, because there’s not much that will last for more than a week.  I think the pricier items were the cereals, the sausages and the hot dog rolls.  So I suppose that confirms the “western food is more expensive” theory.  I do wish that cereals could be cheaper here though.  They are such a great healthy convenience food!  I think I could manage to cook some egg in the morning, but pancakes are a bit too time-consuming for a week day, and the morning..I couldn’t bear the smell of even cooking it in the morning.

H came running in last Sunday after she came back from MILs house with Y, screaming, “Mummy!  Mummy!  You’ll never guess what, GUESS!!  Go on GUESS!!”  I had literally no idea what had whipped her up into such a crazy frenzy, so I asked her to tell me (not that she needed much prodding to spill the beans).

“We found MY yoghurt at Fressay!!”

Now this seems a bit excessive, but I probably mentioned before that H will ONLY eat the blue Danone plain yoghurt and since the earthquake, it has been awol from the supermarkets around here.  H will eat at least one of these per day, so she was really upset when we couldn’t seem to get hold of them anymore.  L will eat any old yoghurt, so he was fine, but H really missed it.  So this was great news, and she has been trying to make up for lost time, so I’m sure the six pack will get me through approximately 3 days, but I had no more room in my basket for another, so I suppose that will be a mid-week purchase.

The children helped me compile this week’s menu, so all the ideas came from them:

Tuesday –  Pork curry with pineapple and rice

Wednesday – Spaghetti Bolognese and focaccia

Thursday – Hawaiian Pizza and salad

Friday – Hot Dogs and Chips (with grilled veg. – my input!)

Saturday – lunch – Spanish omelette

dinner – Chicken and Brocolli pancakes/crepes..(strange..)

Sunday – lunch – sandwiches and salad

dinner – Fish and or noodles at MILs

Monday – Chinese Stir-fry (pork) with rice

The budgeting seems to be going really well.  Although Y said that food is not the area we need to concentrate on, I think just buying enough and not wasting things is important.  I haven’t thrown much if at all away food-wise this month, and being more aware of the spending helps too.  I still buy a lot at 7/11 when I’m out, drinks, etc. and that all adds up, but it’s still within the budget, so I’m kind of allowing myself that “luxury” right now.

It will be time to go back to the UK soon, and then a whole other way of budgeting and deciding how much money to leave Y for food, etc.  I’m sure it will be a lot less than he’s expecting…especially now I know how cheaply I can feed the whole family 😉  Ah, don’t feel sorry for him.  He’ll be at MILs for three months I imagine!


2 thoughts on “Food – week 4

  1. Oh you are people that eat pineapple on pizza? lol – I don`t like it (I am pretty sure Nay does though) and it is very popular in Australia. The pork and pineapple curry sounds interesting though!

    Nice you found yogurts for Hannah-some of the regular branded milk and yogurt has returned to our supermarket as well. Yogurts were completely gone for a couple of weeks but the ones I usually get have been back in the shelves since early April.

    I am jealous of everyone`s cheaper shopping- Our bill for the week came to just under 12,000 but I will have to pick up milk, coffee, bread (if I don`t make it) and blueberries sometime this week as well. And that was a cheap week for us to be honest!

  2. Yes, I’ve heard that lots of people don’t like it! I love mixing fruit with salads, and savoury dishes. Sweet and sour dishes are one of my favourites too! I think your spending sounds about right for your area. Although I know that some parts of Chiba are quite rural, I’m thinking that yours isn’t so much as you have access to the train station? How about farmers markets? I know it’s harder for you not having a car to get to places further away with the children and heavy shopping though. Our supermarkets are pretty much like farmer’s markets as they have veg supplied by the farmers. The other stuff is fairly average in pricing I think.

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