Class Observation Time

Last week was the kindergarten observation week.  Parents come to the classroom at 10a.m., watch the children/do an activity together for an hour, then sit down with the teacher while she explains the daily schedule.  This week was L’s first one, so I had to come to the kindergarten two consecutive mornings.  This was a bit of a pain.  It was fun nevertheless.  Tuesday was H’s.  Her class is big.  Really big.  We watched them sing:

although it was more like screaming.  The teachers encourage you to “sing loudly”, but that is no more than screaming.  I’d much rather here quiet singing/mumbling than this…plus all that straining can’t be good for you?  Because the class was so big, there was little that we could do together.  After watching them sing, we all trooped off to the hall.  There we played what I believe is called “jankendensha”, but H disagrees with me.  Perhaps it’s “jankenrinsha”?  Anyway, we start off singing and then when the line finishes, we do rock, paper, scissors with the nearest person.  If we win, they have to stand behind us on the “train”, and if we lose, vice-versa.  It carries on that way until there is an ultimate winner.  The first round ended with one of the mothers winning, which was a bit awkward, so they changed the rules, and we started off the game with our children in front of us.  Then we had a meeting about the school trip which we won’t be going on, then it was time for home at around lunch time.

The following day, it was L’s turn.  His class is much smaller than H’s, as his class is technically one year below the usual kindergarten age.  There are four of them in his class:

His sports clothes are different from the others because they changed the uniform the year after H started.  She carried on wearing her uniform (the one that L is wearing here), and then when L joined, we decided to get H the new uniform and let L wear the old one.  I feel a bit sorry after looking at them all here though, so I will probably buy him a new one next summer.  It’s a lot better for the heat than the green and white one too, but as we’re not here for the summer this year, he will be ok for the next week or so.

Because L’s class is so small, we were able to watch them sing, and then get to help make something:

It’s a train, which is very suitable for L at least.  Each window houses a member of the family.  L drew one in each window, but kept forgetting which was which, so just made it up as he went along.

I thought it was a pretty good idea for a project, as most of the things were prepared by the teacher in advance.  Although those wheels and sticks could have done with some blu-tac or putty of some kind on them, because the wheels were flying off all over the place 😉  It was really nice to have my first observation week where I could totally focus on each child.  In the past, L has come with me to watch H, so I’ve not been able to give her my full attention.  The only problem was, L did NOT want to let me leave afterwards.  I just had to say goodbye and walk away to SCREAMING in the playground.  I felt sorry for the teacher, but H said apparently he stopped crying just a minute or so after I’d left.  He still complains about going every day, but seeing him singing songs, doing the actions and smiling with his classmates eased my concerns quite a bit.  Thank you nursery!


One thought on “Class Observation Time

  1. I think I missed the observation days while I was in NZ. Would love to go though and see them doing their thing in their different classes. Whats with the singing slash screaming at Japanese kindergartens – or is that everywhere I wonder? I need to get me some putty or bluetac for flying wheels too.

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