Our week in dinners

I mostly stuck to the meal plan for this week, although we went to a BBQ on Saturday and got fed lunch and dinner, so that one was amiss.  I enjoy knowing in advance what I’m going to cook, even if I’m mostly cooking old favourites.  There are some new recipes/ideas that I’m going to try and add into the mix, but right now, it’s just easier to go with what I know.  So enjoy!  I know we did 😉

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6 thoughts on “Our week in dinners

  1. They all look so delicious. When can I come for dinner 😛

    How do you take such good photos of food? All of the photos I take of my food always look terrible!

  2. Thanks Nay! You are welcome any time 😉

    I’m not sure what I do with the photos. Sometimes they turn out really grainy, but that’s usually at night. We eat our dinner early, while it’s still light these days, maybe that’s why? I also try to get really close up but tilt up to get the light. All of the above pictures were taken with my iphone, not my “real” camera too!

    • Thank you. I love colourful food! Not only does it look more appealing, but the thought of each colour doing different types of good makes eating it feel even better! The children will eat lotus root. I soak it in vinegared water for a little bit before cooking, then usually dip it in a little soy sauce first, unless I’m cooking it with other things in a sauce together. H’s great with vegetables, and she’ll try everything at least once. Recently though, she’s decided she doesn’t like green pepper, pak choi (although this one’s gone on for a while), celery and cucumber, so all green veg. Luckily she likes brocolli, all kinds of beans, etc. L however is much pickier, and will only really eat brocolli and sometimes carrot willingly. I have to hide or disguise other stuff…

    • Thank you 😉 And thanks for the link too! I have machine envy…I got my sister to buy me the simplest she could find because I wasn’t really into it. Now I am kicking myself!!

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