Still Stitching!

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Don’t let the food and money posts fool you.  I am still sewing, or at least thinking about it.  I do find that I go through lulls, but always like to have a project in mind to avoid this.  I made three things over the past month.  Firstly, I refashioned one of my old long sleeved tops into a pair of trousers for L.  I was surprised I suppose that I could only  just get those out of it, but I like to do a long hem so that they can be wearable for a longer period of time, as childrens clothes usually get too short before they get too tight around the waist.  They turned out nicely, although they are a little roomy.  Of course, now he’s at kindergarten, I rarely get a chance to dress him in everyday clothes except for at weekends.  I try to get both children to get changed as soon as they get home, but they are straight into playing as soon as they have sorted their bags out (dirty towels in the washing basket, cutlery bags in the kitchen), so I usually let it slide.

I also felt like sewing, but nothing really complicated, so I decided to make a cafe apron.  I often wipe my hands on my jeans whilst cooking, and although it’s usually just wet hands, I thought it would be nice to just have a short apron.  I have a pinny, but it’s a bit of a pain, and doesn’t really fit well over my chest, so I rarely wear it.  It was very easy to make because I wanted it to be.  I used bias tape for the first time, pinned and re-pinned about 4 times when I remembered the best way to sew on bias tape and then gutterstitch so you can’t see the stitches from the front.  It takes a bit of time to get my head around things and while I was driving, taking a break from sewing (this was done slowly over the course of a few days), I kept getting flashes of why I’d pinned it wrong, etc.  I usually get there in the end, but it takes a little time ;).

The last thing I just made today and was a peasant blouse for H.  I had searched online for a tutorial, and found one, but you know, it didn’t really fit with my way of doing things, involved a lot of maths and logical thinking, whereas my way of doing anything is usually very illogical, but seems to make sense to me.  So I did as best I could to make a pattern from a blouse that H already has.  I finished sewing it up this afternoon, putting the elastic in, finishing the seams, etc. and hurray, it fits!  The only thing is, the blouse I copied is made from jersey, so of course it’s much more stretchy than woven fabric.  She can get it on no problem, but it’s a little hard for her to take off by herself.

I nipped out to the craft shop today just to have a look at their patterns.  I enjoy making bags myself, but I’m not that keen on clothes because of the whole exactness of the measurements.  So I got a smock blouse/peasant blouse pattern (this may seem silly as I had already made one, but the sleeves were still a bit off on mine), and a little ra-ra skirt one, plus a pattern for a bento bag with a zipped top and cross-body style.  I want to adapt the latter to make for an adult.  I’ve been searching for online tutorials for one and come up short, and I just can’t quite seem to get my head around it, so we’ll see how that goes!

That’s about all for now, maybe I’ll make a start on the ra-ra skirt tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Still Stitching!

  1. I love the apron too, I using bias as well.

    I can’t seem to get the time to sew lately, the last thing I stitched was for Shions quilt!! Got to get back into it and relax!

  2. Achan – thanks! I loved using the bias tape, because I hate finishing off edges. I do hope you get back into sewing!

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