Food Focus!

So week one didn’t go so badly.  I had to buy milk, carrots, juice and tomatoes mid-week, but otherwise the weekly shop was enough.  As I said, I already had some stuff in, so it wasn’t like starting from scratch, but then I’m never going to be doing that, right?  I mean, I won’t run out of EVERYTHING I need all of a sudden, so it’s going to just be a monthly average I expect.  Today’s shopping came to 7,000 yen.  This included rice, wholemeal and rye flours, laughing cow cheese for the children, beer for Y (mostly, I’m not that much of a beer drinker these days).  It also included no meat, oops, forgot to mention I also picked up some chicken last week.  I must shop in two different supermarkets from now on.  In the same supermarket that I once (and continuously) found 3 yen beansprouts, I can pick up a 250g chicken breast for 80 yen…so I bought four.  Then I built my meal plan around that.  Last week’s meal plan was mostly stuck to, in terms of the meals.  I did switch some things around though, just because I didn’t feel like what was on the menu/didn’t have the time for that particular meal, etc.

Here’s this week’s plan:

Saturday – the weekends involve lunches too, of course, and I used to cook two hot meals a day, but it wore me out, while also looking after the children while Y slept, so I rarely do that these days.

LUNCH – BLT sandwiches (very ambitious of me, eh?) with homemade bread.  The homemade bread turns out to me similar in price to decent sliced bread in the supermarket, but tastes much much better, and is healthier because I don’t just have to use white flour.

DINNER – Chicken and Tomato curry with home-made naan


LUNCH – Pasta Carbonara (very quick and easy as I have work in the afternoon)

DINNER – this is husband’s responsibility as I am out at work and will usually just make do with some rice and veg. when I get home.

Monday –

DINNER – Ginger Pork with beansprouts, carrots and baby corn- this seemed to go down well last week, so I decided to revisit it as I still have some pork steaks in the freezer.

Tuesday –

DINNER – Teriyaki Chicken with grilled vegetables


DINNER – Home-made beefburgers and chips with salad

Thursday –

DINNER – Fried chicken and steamed vegetables with rice

Friday –

DINNER – Home-made Hawaiian pizza with fruit salad

While I was waiting for tonight’s dinner to cook, I got a craving for something sweet, and while the children weren’t looking, I whipped up some cupcakes from H’s Kids’ Cupcakes book.  I suck at baking, so I was really surprised at how well these ones turned out!  And it involved no butter rubbing…fantastic 😉  They are really moist and the yoghurt adds lots of fluffiness.  So just in case you’re interested, here’s the recipe:

Fruity Lunchbox Cupcakes (from “Kids’ Cupcakes” by Hamlyn)


Makes 12


100g plain flour

100g wholemeal flour

2 tsps baking powder

75g golden caster sugar

2 eggs

2 tbsps mild olive oil or vegetable oil

40g melted butter

2 tsps vanilla extract

150g red fruit yoghurt, such as strawberry, raspberry or cherry

100g raspberries or strawberries, cut into small pieces


1.  Stand 12 silicone cupcake cases on a baking sheet or line a 12-section cupcake tin with paper or foil cake cases.

2.  Sift the flours and baking powder into a bowl, adding the bran from the sieve.  Add the caster sugar.  Whisk together the eggs, oil, melted butter, vanilla extract and yoghurt with a fork in a jug and add to the bowl.  Mix gently with a large metal spoon until the ingredients have started to blend together.

3.  Scatter with half the berry pieces and mix a little more until the ingredients are only just combined.  Divide the cake mixture between the cases.  Scatter with the remaining berry pieces.

4.  Bake in a preheated oven, 200c, for 15 minutes or until well risen and just firm to the touch.  Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

I have to say, buying to a meal plan has made me think more about the meals I prepare, and get slightly more creative in the kitchen.  Usually I leave it until the last minute and then just whip up a stir-fry, which is all well and good, but it’s definitely fun to experiment too.  So what’s on the menu for YOU this week? 



4 thoughts on “Food Focus!

  1. err my menu this week
    ( god this is embarrassing)
    mon to frid lunch salad and bagels…( not very inspiring)
    mon thai style curry ( lemon grass ginger, coconut,chicken).
    tues cheese hot dogs and salad
    wed pizza and salad
    thurs baby spinach salad and other stuff from the fridge. husband had to fend for him self
    frid well salad and err…….. yet to be decided. luckly my daughter has lunch at preschool. (lentil scuttles off to dust down the recipe books)

    • Ooh, not at all, I love sandwiches of any kind. My husband was surprised when I told him I ate sandwiches for lunch every day in the U.K. “don’t you get bored?!” he said. Well, of course not, it’s just like having rice with a meal, right? It all depends on the kind of bread and what you put in it. A lovely granary sandwich with cream cheese, lettuce, cucumber, or a wrap with avocado, soy beans, salsa and chicken. Yummm! Thanks for sharing, and if you DO dust the recipe books off, would love to hear about that too 😉

  2. Well seeing as you asked :PPP

    I wrote it up last night for today so will write it up (I only have the dinners in front of me written down- lunches and snacks etc and baking are on the sheet on the fridge)

    Saturday- Buta Kimichi with cheese (mixed peas, onion and extra cabbage into it) and rice

    Sunday- Shepards pie
    Monday- pasta carbonara with salad
    Tuesday- Nibuta with moyashi (goma abura and shoyu), kinpira gobo and rice
    Wednesday- pizza chicken with cous cous
    Thursday- capsicum and pork noodle stirfry (recipe from Nay`s blog)
    Friday- Oven baked salmon done with a lemon juice and mayonaise sauce, rice and parmasen cheese and garlic asparagus
    Saturday- Mexibake

    Will be baking your muffins above this week and probably some chocolate chip cookies!

    Shopping until Friday is DONE! Will pick up the weekend stuff on Friday or Saturday I guess but will probably only need milk, bread (if I don`t make it), ice coffee and maybe some more fresh fruit during the week!

    • Yum! Thanks for sharing! What’s Mexibake? And pizza chicken? Oh my God, it’s 11p.m. and my mouth is full of saliva reading these menus..I have issues clearly. I think your Friday dish looks especially appealing! Do you write down lunches and snacks and baking too? That’s so organised of you! Our snacks consist of fruit/dried fruit/yakult/those yoplait gurt things, and my lunch is usually just rice and egg, with some green veggies or anything left over from the night before. I think my lunches just about take care of the veg that I don’t use in the dinners. I’m not really that into baking, it’s a bit dangerous for me..;D But I have really been trying to use my bread machine more. So many things I found I can make with using the machine’s dough mode. It is a lot easier to pour ingredients into a machine than by hand and kneading and rising, etc.!

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