Tummy Trouble

For what seems like ages, H has complained that her tummy hurts.  She often says this in the car, so I always thought it must be travel sickness (her continuous throwing up all over the plane two years ago kind of suggested that too).  But these days, she complains about it a lot more.  When sitting still and especially when lying down at night time it seems to particularly bother her.  I asked her when it hurt, and she just said, “it ALWAYS hurts.”  After numerous visits to the doctors, with many times the treatment being antibiotics, I decided enough was enough and asked the doctor to write a referral letter to the hospital.  Here in Japan, you can usually just go to big hospitals if you want to, but if you get a referral letter, it makes the waiting time much shorter, even without an appointment.  Previously, H&s doctor had given her an enema, and a blood test.  The result was a high white blood cell count, which usually means the body is fighting an infection, but it could also be something more serious.  As the pain always continues after any prescriptions, it’s pretty obvious that nothing is working.  So this morning, I dropped L off at kindergarten (no tears and only one minor complaint), and followed Y in the car to the hospital.  It’s near his office, and the line for the hospital parking was really really long, so Y parked in his rented space (closer to the hospital), and H and I parked in his office building.  I had brought umbrellas, but forgot them in the car and my shoes were just flimsy canvas slip-ons.  It was only spitting at the time though, so just a small oversight. 

Once at the hospital, things moved really quickly.  We went in to see the paediatrician after about a ten minute wait.  I was sceptical when I saw he was in his 50s/60s (in my experience, doctors this age don’t have a great bedside manner), but I was pleasantly surprised that he was really friendly, looked at ME when he spoke about H (very unusual..I am foreign so am sometimes dismissed, and always fall in love with people who acknowledge me), he examined her, asked all the right questions, and was lovely with talking to H too.  He sent us off for an x-ray, and was relieved when they said one of us could go in with her.  I’ve had an x-ray this year already, so logically it should really have been Y, but I was feeling particulary protective today and H was a bit nervous.  She responds well to information, and Y would probably only say, “it’s ok, be brave”, implying that something was going to hurt, so I went in with her and explained everything that was going to happen.  The doc had her take off her top, but leave her vest on, pull her trousers down a bit (I had dressed in her in jogging bottoms, but hadn’t realised the drawstring holes were metal), then because her knickers had sparkly bits on, we had to pull those down a little too.  I think the technician felt a bit bad for her, and when it came to the lying down x-ray, he covered her up with a towel.  But he was really kind too.  Then it was back upstairs, where we saw H was constipated – nice – and I was relieved and then a bit worried still because I’m still not sure that constipation is always the problem.  So he said he would give us some poo-related tests to do at home, one being a cancer check and the other for parasites.  Then we will go back next week and go from there.  I’m really glad there was nothing invasive today, and am trying not to get stressed and stay calm about it.  The doc. seems to think that because the pain isn’t so acute, that it is probably not serious, but you know, there is always that little niggle at the back of your mind that it could be something else.  Well H seemed happy enough today anyway, smiley enough for photos in fact..and also for a bit of silliness.  It was nice, despite the circumstances, to spend time without L getting all jealous and possessive!  On the way back to the car, however, the rain was pelting down and we had to buy another brolly, then I got squelchy soaked feet..yuk…thankfully I had trainers in the car to change into.  I HATE wet feet XD

Think positive is the key, and H more than made up for it today by – TMI ALERT! – doing two HUGE poos as soon as we got home O_O


2 thoughts on “Tummy Trouble

  1. Poor H. I saw your post on FB but didn`t get a chance to respond- glad the first lot of tests went well. Let`s hope it is nothing too serious but that they can sort it out and figure out what is wrong.

    Thinking of H

  2. Thanks Lulu! It’s so hard to figure out what’s wrong with a child, but then of course, whatever your age, degrees of pain are so difficult to comprehend. She does seem much brighter today at least, although tonight complained of pain again. I think the battle is keeping her hydrated, especially while at kindy. Thanks again x

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