Getting Stitching

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Hello Golden Week!  For those of you who don’t know, this is a week in which so many national holidays fall, that some companies declare it a week’s holiday (although Y and lots of others I know only get the actual national holidays off).  Y is celebrating by sleeping as much as possible.  For me, having been at home all week with two poorly children, one of whom had a positive test for Influenza Type B, and another with a suspected case (more on this in a later post), I wanted to do as much as possible today.  So I bought lots of plants (herbs, flowers and veg.) and spent a good two hours working in the garden, weeding, researching and planting while the bored and recovering children played outside on their bikes.  Wow, I found some grizzly grubs..yuk, and as always, marvelled at the length of dandelion roots.  I could do with some rabbits to pay me a visit to sort that out.  I am probably most pleased with the growing herb garden, as I now have parsley, flat leaf parsley, rosemary, thyme, chives, peppermint, apple mint, oregano, chamomile, basil and feverfew.  The feverfew was a great find as I suffer from focal migraines once a year, so I’m hoping that will work.  We also picked up some shiso and a green pepper plant, which I’m hoping isn’t too hard to grow.

After lunch, including the gorgeous baguette from Haruna Bakery (the best bakery in all of Japan), I sneaked up to my sewing room to complete my second project of this week.  A small oilcloth tote to use for nipping out.  Just enough space for my purse, phone, keys, hanky.  I’d been looking for a more advanced bag to make with the beautiful fabric, but not finding anything I liked, decided to go simple and I love it!  Oilcloth is tricky to work with, although I think it’s lovely as a spill protector inside toiletry bags and love the look of it on the outer fabric too.  But you can’t iron out the seams, because it melts.  You can put a piece of gauze over the top and iron it, but only for a second, as that too is just hot enough to make it go soft.  It wasn’t too taxing though, and I got it all done without any issues.  I needed a simpler project after the one I had done earlier in the week, a passport and travel document holder.  You can find the tutorial HERE.  I’m semi-pleased with it, but with the lined zipped pockets inside, it took a lot to get my head round (I’m not the most logical of people) and has a lot of small faults.  Let’s hope golden week brings more sewing opportunities and is full of good health!


One thought on “Getting Stitching

  1. LOVE the passport holder! It is gorgeous!

    Hope the kiddies are feeling 100 percent soon! I think my husband wishes he could spend more of Golden Week sleeping- maybe next year for him huh? 😛

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