Messed up sewing and Easter fun

Right, lots of unrelated things today.  Although they are all related of course…to my weekend.  So first, to the messed up sewing.  Remember the bag kit I talked about in my last post?  Well part of the reason why I left it lying there was because I didn’t think I was going to be able to fit it in the sewing machine.  I had already sewed in the inner pockets, bits of the bag, etc. in my sewing rage fest, so the thought of more of that was less than appealing.  The sun was out on Saturday and the children wanted to play outside.  So I took a cushion to my little bench (see pic) outside our house, brought down the childrens bikes, got my coffee and my “bag” and decided to do some hand sewing.  Wow, it was actually quite hot sitting there in full sun.  I sewed up half a handle in about 10 minutes…ugh…I am such a machine depender-oner.  So I decided to blow that for a lark and went upstairs (changing shifts with Y, don’t worry, I’m not at the stage of letting my 4 year old watch my 2 year old playing out in the road yet…) to let the machine deal with it.  It was surprisingly easy once I had made sure everything was wrinkled up and out of the way.  Plus the hand stitching wasn’t the most successful anyway, so the machine made it much stronger.  It took another five minutes or so to reinforce my handstitches, and put the other handle on.  As I thought, there was some puckering, but it’s not really all that bad.  I DO wish that I’d gone ahead and used interfacing though, because I put a catch on there (even though that wasn’t in the instructions) and it’s just a bit floppy there.  It would be ten times worse if there was no way to close the bag up!  But it’s done, and now I can stop getting irritated about it.  Next project is a passport and travel document wallet!

Moving on to the Easter fun.  Now I don’t consider myself a Christian.  I celebrate Christmas, and Easter, although I don’t usually do anything special for it.    But I justify this by the fact that these festivals originated from paganism, which I am much more comfortable with.  I like the idea of the tree God much more than the birth of Jesus, and I like the idea of celebrating spring and new life much more than the death and rebirth of Jesus.  I hope nobody gets offended, I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion.  So this year, as I actually remembered that Easter was coming, I had grand plans of painting eggs, and doing an egg hunt, and…and…hmm, well that’s pretty much it..but I think that’s quite a grand plan, don’t you?  Being terribly undomesticated, and loving eggs so much that the thought of blowing out the contents, or hard-boiling and the risk of nobody eating them up, I gave up on the egg painting.  Boooo, that was a bit rubbish.  But I DID let the children paint.  This is a very big deal for me.  I’m not exactly that much of a neat freak that I don’t let my children make a mess, but there’s something about painting…When you need water on the table, that gets spilt, paint globs all over the place, hands get wiped on clothes, walls, tables, etc.  eughhhh.  So I covered the table with the vinyl tablecloth, put the children in their coverall aprons, and started “the fun”.  And actually it was.  H was quite restrained, not really getting her whole hand involved in the process.  L wasn’t really sure what was going on, and I realised that he IS a little neat freak, because he wanted to roll his apron sleeves up, and made some strange faces and noises when he got paint on his fingers..oh, the horror!  I’m not sure if it’s my lack of painting exposure for the poor boy, or if he’s just like me after all…  

After the painting, I whipped out to 100 yen shop to see if I could find some egg type plastic things to hide in the garden.  Nope, all I found was ping pong balls.  Round, but kind of egg shaped..Ok, not at all, but I figured we could still have some fun with it, and otherwise I would give up and do nothing, which would never do.  So I bought 12 orange ping pong balls and hid them in the garden.  I made some obvious, but had fun hiding them in places like the postbox, the Christmas tree, etc.  I called the children out, gave them their easter baskets, a.k.a. bento bags, and off they went.  I had numbered them two sets from 1-6  There was no need to do this really, but I thought H would probably find her six really quickly otherwise, so if I numbered them, at least if H found the same number twice, she could give it to L to stop him getting upset and having a paddy.  It worked out for the best.  And you know, H LOVED it.  L liked it too, but he couldn’t find them so quickly, so unless he was spotting them first, he was a bit grumpy.  When they’d finished, I brought them inside, and gave them a present that I’d picked up at Kaldi last month (I know, wow, organised, eh?!?), of a Thomas bowl, mug and spoon with a small choc egg inside, plus a little gumball dispenser thing with smarties inside.  They don’t usually get chocolate, and have never had an easter egg, so they didn’t really know how to eat it..They just kind of tucked in.  I asked them not to eat it all, and they were good about wrapping the rest of it up and putting it in the fridge for later/another day.  H kept the ping pong balls and entertained us with egg hunts for the rest of the day, even if most of the balls WERE in the same drawer in her playroom..ha ha..she was commenting too, “hmmm, where do you think they are…huh?”  “Mummy you’re cold…FREEZING!” etc.  It got a bit much after the fourth or fifth time. 

So although this may not be the traditional way to spend easter, it was pretty fun for us.  Not as stressful as Christmas, where I usually get my knickers in a knot trying to make everything perfect (ish), this was a relaxed day with no expectations but I’d like to think it was fun for our family.  I can’t speak for Y though..he was zonked out on the sofa for most of the day. 

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2 thoughts on “Messed up sewing and Easter fun

  1. Hi! Thanks 😉 Actually, it’s really growing on me, and the fact that the side panels are so wide, means it’s easy to find stuff in there. I’m even considering making another with funkier fabrics…I must be mad! Ha ha, yes, the children were sooo happy!

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