Inefficient week so far X(

It’s Thursday.  I can’t even remember what I did on Monday.  What I DO know is, the housework kick I started on last Monday definitely didn’t last much longer than a few days.  The house is kind of a mess.  It’s not grimy, but there seems to be a lot of clutter hanging around.  Why is that?  Thinking about it, I think I know why that is.  Having had at least one child at home for the past four and a half years, when there is calm, a child is asleep, wrapped up in make-believe world playing, or out with Y, etc., I react in one of two ways. 

Firstly, I have a mad dash around the house, tidying up, getting things cleaned and organised and generally whipping the house into a frenzy of domestic bliss. 

Secondly, I sit down, bum around, watch t.v., mess around on the internet, and generally waste time.

This week definitely belongs to the second, whereas last week, or at least the start of last week belonged to the first.  I’m pretty sure that it has to do with lack of sleep.  Sleep is highly underrated, don’t you think?  It’s possibly one of the most underrated thing ever.  My mother once said, after I was worn out from L being awake most of the night as a newborn, that in times of war, sleep deprivation is a form of torture.  This sounds fairly bleak, but I think I should tell you that my mother’s fifth child didn’t sleep more than an hour at a time for two YEARS…I kid you not.  I’m surprised she didn’t commit some kind of violent crime during this period.  Y has been working later and later, so I have been getting out to the gym later and later, getting to bed by about one or two in the morning, then being ripped out of bed five hours later.  I think you can survive this and function semi-normally for a good while, but then it just gets too much.  It seems to be taking it’s toll.  I thought about taking a nap yesterday.  I even left the bed unmade in the morning at the thought of crawling back into it.  But once I’m dressed and up, going back to bed just seems like such a waste of time.  Stupid really, when instead I end up wasting time on things, instead of sleeping for an hour, getting more energy and being more efficient.  Sleeping in the day is just a bit depressing to me, and then there’s the unknown about whether I’ll wake up with a headache or not.  Sometimes a nap leaves me quite groggy and heavy headed. 

So anyway, back to yesterday.  I’d bought one of those bag kits from my local craft shop, thinking that it would eliminate the need to cut out the pieces, and that there’d be lots of diagrams (as there always are in Japan) to help me without me having to rely too much on the language.  Imagine my mood when I got it home and found two square pieces of fabric inside, a handle and a zip, then three sheets of paper with a key, all written in kanji ( chinese characters).  Rip off.  I paid 2000 yen for that damned thing and it’s still not finished.  I spent the whole morning yesterday and that wasn’t even the first day.  I don’t even remember when I started it, but it’s definitely more trouble than it’s worth.  Y can’t even translate it because it’s all in “sewingese”, so he’s telling me the word and I’m checking it in the dictionary to see if I can work it out. 

For those not in Japan, the hardest thing about Japanese compared to alphabet languages is that you can’t always pronounce letters.  It’s the same in Russian, I know, but there are a lot less characters to learn in Russian than the twenty or thirty thousand kanji that exist.  If you find a character, there is no way you can find it out unless you have a basic knowledge of what the pictures symbolise.  I find that really frustrating.  

So my nap went by the wayside for sewing rage.  And rage it was indeed.  I left it on the table, and to be honest, I’m not even all that enamoured with the actual bag, but I paid 2000 yen for that thing.  I will finish it!  I’m pretty sure I messed up an early step, so now the handle will be puckered, but I will be putting pics up when it is finished.  That is, if you’re all still around by then…


2 thoughts on “Inefficient week so far X(

  1. How frustrating about the bag kit you bought- I am the same with kanji! Drives me insane! Now my denshi jishou has a screen where I can write the characters BUT often it can not understand what I am writing even if my picture/kanji looks like the one in the text. Creates even MORE frustration.

    I used to know about 1000 kanji- I swear now I probably only recognize 200.

    Could you go to the gym during the day while kids are at kindy so that you could perhaps go to bed earlier at night- I hear you on the sleep deprivation thing though. Some days I am fine even though I might have only had 4 hours sleep but then it all catches up with me and I feel like I need to sleep for 40 hours straight. I am hoping for a lie in on Saturday or Sunday. Maybe Sunday since I have to work Saturday morning from 10:30!

  2. Hi Lulu! Wow, I never thought about electronic dictionaries. Even though you say yours doesn’t always understand your characters. Does it have to be written in the correct stroke order? I’d say I probably only know about 200-300 characters if that. It’s interesting, but I just wish it wasn’t so necessary right now and /or that I had enough money for lessons.

    I have changed my gym membership to “master”, which means I can go anytime. Now that L is at kindy, I really wanted to change it, but it’s actually twice the cost, so I’m not sure how long I can really keep it at that. I think the exercise is actually badly affected by my lack of sleep too, so going in the day should be good, and I will have to try and stop my night time snacking (that was one of the advantages of going at night time. So I went to change it in the first week of April, but as they go by month, it won’t change until the 1st of May. Ah well, not long now. I hope your sleep improves, although I know how hard it is with a baby…x

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