New starts and long blue sharp things…

I’m attaching some pics. of when we went to see the moss phlox yesterday after nursery, and some from Sunday night when we went and assumed they’d be lit up, but weren’t…L made us get out anyway because it was exciting in the dark…

I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but L cried at nursery yesterday.  It was the first time in two weeks.  He has been reluctant to put on his uniform and leave his precious trains and Mummy behind (hopefully not in that order), but he hadn’t yet cried.  I left him as usual at the gates, and then they waved goodbye to me at the little alcove where you can see into the playground.  H shouted, “bye Mummy!” and then L opened his mouth and screamed.  He has started crying like this recently, instead of a slow sob leading to full-blown tears, he skips the first part, opens his mouth, closes his eyes tightly and howls, tears streaming down his face.  I stood there helpless and watched his teacher pick him up and try to comfort him.  I know I shouldn’t have stopped again once I’d say goodbye, but H was calling to me, and she’s important to me too.  Whichever I’d done would have resulted in one child crying.  But having been through this before, I walked away, knowing that in next to no time at all he’d be fine.  When I picked them up, he was happy chit chattering and smiling.  This morning, when I went to help him get dressed, he said,

“noooooo!  I don’t want to go to nursery today Mummy, nooooooo!” 

 So I sat him down on my lap, we had a cuddle and I casually asked him why he didn’t want to go.  I expected “I don’t want to go.” and wondered if I should get the puppet out to have a chat to him (as I read somewhere that children will talk more to puppets than to family sometimes).  But instead, what I got was the unexpected,

“I don’t like “K” kun.” 

Now I know K because he’s H’s classmate’s brother, and he was at Mumin club.  I know he’s a bit lively, but also sensitive, and not really in the “naughty little shit” category.  So I asked,

“why not?”

Then I got,

“Because he got the long sharp blue thing on my face.”

Yikes…that doesn’t sound good, I thought, but as there was no mark on his face, I knew that it couldn’t have been all that serious.  However, serious enough that L should be frightened of him, so I probed a little further.

“Did he hurt you?” 


“Did you tell the teacher?”


“What did the teacher do?  Did she shout at him?”

“She did nothing.”

Now I’m not so naive that I don’t know that children aren’t always the best at relaying happenings, and often say yes to loaded questions.  So I took all of it in, thought about it, and realised that my Japanese skills wouldn’t be very good at discussing this with the teacher.  Plus I didn’t want to accuse K, the teacher, K’s Mum, etc., so I called Y and asked him to let the teacher know why L didn’t want to go to nursery.  He did so (thanks hub!) and called me back.  Apparently, K likes playing monsters and fighting games.  He was trying to play said games with L, but L got scared, ran to the teacher, and the teacher told K that he was scaring him, and then K cried.  Poor K!!  All the poor kid was trying to do was play, and he got told off for it.  But you know, if someone has to cry over that, I’d rather it was K…and I’m sure he was fine afterwards.  I was glad that the teacher seemed to be present and with it after all.  You know with a class of 4 I’d like to think so!  As I said, I know K isn’t a bad boy, so was glad to get the full story.  I’m pretty sure K only pointed the long sharp blue thing at L anyway.  So I told L that K was just trying to play fighting games with him..just pretending.  To which L replied,

“I like fighting games!”


After that, L was much better.  He said goodbye to me at the gate with a little smile, and I went quickly away (no little alcove today because it was raining so they went through a different door).  I’m glad we talked about it.  I would hate to think things were worrying him and he’d got the wrong end of the stick about something.  It’s a new thing for me, because H is the bottling up type.  She’ll worry her little self about the smallest thing and then it’ll all get too much and I can finally prise it out of her and mostly solve the problem together.  So day seven of nursery today and all is well.  But you know, I’m intrigued about this long, sharp blue thing…

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