Screw you Anthea

So today is Monday again.  How the weekend flew by.  On Saturday we went out to Luna Park for the childrens reward chart treat, but the wind was CRAZY, blowing dust and dirt everywhere, including our faces, eyes, ears mouths, etc.  but we managed to get a good lot of rides in before deciding to flee to the non-windyness of the car.  Oh, and I made a packed lunch for us.  Y took H to the doctors when they opened this morning because her tummy “still hurts” after the last visit (which involved blood tests and an enema followed by antibiotics…yikes!).  She got more antibiotics, as the doc said that it was either an infection (proved by the white blood cells in the blood test) or appendicitis…erm, ok.  She said the antibiotics would cover both bases.  While they were gone, I ate breakfast and prepared fabulous lunch boxes.  I was pretty proud of myself when Y came back, but less so when he muttered, “hmm.  nice.” in a very dull tone.  Thanks a  bunch hubby :/  He was a bit more appreciative when we actually sat down to eat them though.  Saved.  After that we had planned to go strawberry picking, which wouldn’t be affected by the wind because they are in huge tents.  When we got there, there was a sign that said “appointment only”, plus the price, which was 1,200 yen per adult, 500 yen for H and 200 yen for L for 30 minutes of “eat as much as you like” picking.  RIP…OFF…  I could buy 4 punnets at the supermarket for my entry price alone.  And I wouldn’t like to imagine scoffing the lot in 30 minutes…as much as I love strawberries.  So we decided to give up that plan, even if we could squeeze in an appointment.

When we got home, the lovely wind had left it’s mark on our house.  The upstairs windowsills and landing (that I had lovingly hoovered, mopped and polished just a day or two earlier were covered in DIRT.  Blown through the closed windows.  Yuk.  So a quick clean up and a promise to sort it out properly the next day.  On Sunday morning, I was woken up by H, who wrenched open the curtains to shine the bright sunshine into my face and told me, “Mummy, the balcony’s soooooo dirty.”  Even if I were a morning person, I think that would still have got me irritated.  But when I got up, grumbling and cursing under my bed hair, I found that the balcony was covered in a centimetre thick layer of soil.  Another present from the wind.  Thankfully, I hadn’t cleaned the balcony yet (in about a year..), so when I was washed dressed and fed, I set about sweeping and rinsing off the balcony.  Then it was off to work in the afternoon.

Right, back to today, because I didn’t want to ponder too long on the weekend, due to my title…

I used to love the programme, “The Perfect Housewife” with Anthea Turner.  Actually, I still DO love it.  It gets me motivated to clean, and if I ignore Anthea’s obsessiveness about being immaculate, I can learn some housework tips.  But there is something about it that’s always bothered me.  The time it takes to do certain jobs.  She talks about doing the laundry taking ten minutes.  Pah, it takes me about half an hour, I thought.  So in the interests of research, I timed how long it took me to do this morning’s jobs.  The hoovering, all of the downstairs plus half way up the stairs (I know, but I can see the dust on the first half of the stairs, when they go around the corner out of sight then they belong to the second floor), took me 20 minutes.  Wowsers, TWENTY minutes to hoover.  And that didn’t even include moving the sofa and the t.v. stand which gets done about once a fortnight or longer.  Then on to the laundry.  Today was a really light load.  I’d say about half as much as usual.  To peg that all up outside took 10 minutes.  Hmm, ok, well Anthea was right.  But then like I said, it was half a load.  Surely that would make a full load 20 minutes..or at least 15  It still left me with a “screw you Anthea” attitude, although I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because I am reluctant today.  I am sitting here typing this when I could be cleaning the windows…or something equally as dull.  Today just isn’t my day for cleaning.  But the vacuuming and laundry will have to do for now.  And now I plan to eat my breakfast, do the accounts, and then watch back to back Grey’s Anatomy while doing some sewing.  I blame the rain…and Anthea..


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