Time on my hands..?

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Today is day two of a full day at nursery for the children.  I say full day, that just means from 9-2:30, but it suits us fine.  Any later than that and they would be balls of crazy tired energy.  Yesterday I put out the laundry and cleaned the dishes, then sorted through clothes and toys in the storage room, took pictures and put them all up on photobucket for giveaway to FB friends.  A few of them have gone, but if none of my friends want them, I plan to put them on TASJ and donate the proceeds to the Red Cross.  It took me ALL  morning to do that.  Very boring and time consuming, isn’t it?  Y came home from work for lunch.  He never does that.  He chose my first day alone to do it.  He was out visiting nearby hospitals for his job, so it only made sense for him to come home for lunch really.  Thankfully, he’d already made himself a packed lunch, so I could carry on with the clothes sorting.  The BEST thing was though, that he’d been to a new bakery that is staffed by mentally disabled people.  I’m sorry, I’m not sure of the politically correct terms anymore, but I assume it’s better than “MR” that Y uses in his work to stand for “Mental Retard”.  Back to the point.  He brought me a baguette, “thanks,” I said, grateful that he’d thought of me, even though a baguette here is usually just a soft floppy long roll.  But when I squeezed it through the paper bag, it cracked!  I stopped for a minute, I think Y thought I had gone mad.  Maybe I have.  But you see I lived in Paris for a while when I was 20/21, so I know what a real baguette tastes like, and I have fond memories of carrying a baguette home from the supermarket under my arm and not being able to get home with it all in tact.  It’s so good you just have to have a little taster.  Oh and it’s so crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the outside, and the roof of my mouth hurt when I’d finished (I didn’t eat it all mind..it may have tasted like a real baguette, but the girth was double that of a French one).  So I will definitely take the drive up the mountain on occasion to get me one of those!

This morning after I’d dropped the children off at nursery again, I came home determined.  I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, but I’d made the children packed lunches (photos), so I’d nibbled on some crusts, etc. while doing that..terrible habit.  So I put out the laundry, stripped all the beds and hung the duvets on the balcony and gave them a good beating.  Put the blankets in the washing machine and sheets in the basket ready for later.  Then dusted my room and the children’s room, vacuumed and wet mopped all the floors upstairs.  I’m not sure I have ever done that.  I’ve just used those crappy sheet things in the past, but not as often as I should, and usually just hoover up there.  Then back downstairs to hoover and wet mop down here too.  I am still getting down on the floor with a cloth to dry them off.  I hate that part, it makes me feel like a skivvy, but otherwise the hard dirt doesn’t come off..like when the children spill juice or milk and I don’t notice it…Or even just a drop of water on some dust.  I know laminate is technically easy to clean, but it’s not as forgiving as carpet.  So that done, then some more washing up, and I could relax, feeling as if I’d acheived something.  I could’ve sat down and eaten breakfast, taken ages to get up after starting on watching crap on t.v., but I decided to approach the jobs like an actual job today as opposed to things that “should really get done”.  Now I can enjoy my afternoon..all one hour of it before I have to pick up the children, ha ha.

L went to nursery a bit brighter today.  There was no violence as I put on his uniform, and he was very well rested after his long day yesterday.  He walked across the playground and waved goodbye and blew some kisses with a smile.  I’m guessing he might be a bit crazy when I pick him up, but I’m hoping he remembers our chat from yesterday about being a good boy today.  We’ll have to wait and see.  I’m attaching some pics of our park trip yesterday, maybe we’ll go today too, or just play outside the house.  I have some flowers to tend on this lovely sunny day!


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