Sew long…

Wow, zipping through my posts, apart from the one a couple of days ago, the last sewing report was in November!  What IS going on?!?  I must admit, I have been neglecting my sewing lately.  I even turned the upstairs spare room into a sewing room, where my machine can sit on our old fold out dining table, the ironing board can stand there forever (you know I only ever iron things I make, and even then that’s just the once..), my fabric is all put away in drawers (well let’s just say the drawers are full up and there is just a bit left over on the wire stand there) and I have to do no lugging and clearing to sew.  So why haven’t I sewn?!?  It’s cold up there, that’s why…there’s no t.v. to put on in the background either.  I’m terrible for that.  I want to watch something while I’m sewing..or at least listen to something.  Maybe I should take the CD player up there or something, along with several layers of blankets and the oil heater…

I suppose it’s like blogging this week.  I need to break the silence and then start sewing for Britain.  Or maybe it’s because I know I HAVE to sew L’s bags for next month.  Having to do something always takes the fun out of it, don’t you agree?  So tomorrow, it’s Monday, I have nothing on the agenda, so I will make L’s bags, get them out of the way, and then hopefully I’ll get back into it.  Maybe make some trousers for H that I bought a pattern for (I know, shock horror, wonders will never cease!)  I have so much fabric stocked up, by the time I get around to making things, I won’t even like it that much anymore.

Ok, it’s now Monday and I’ve spent the morning drawing up the new accounts book for next month because I stupidly thought, pah!  1500 yen for a book?  I’ll buy a 400 yen notebook and make it myself, how I like it, without stupid sections to budget for “going out” and “study” and other such nonsense.  I spent ALL morning, and the first page with the monthly bill info, calendar etc. is all I’ve done.  Maybe I bit off more than I can chew with this one…Maybe I’ll do it once a month, then at least it’s only a wasted morning in 30 days. 

So now I’m off upstairs to make L his drawstring nursery bags!  REally…even though it’s freezing and threatening snow outside.  Perfect sewing weather really!


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