Once a month

Last night I fell asleep with both children in my bed.  Gym was closed and Y said he wouldn’t be home until after eleven, so I settled down with a view to getting up and relaxing with some t.v./internet, etc., but I fell asleep.  This week I’ve been quite busy for me. 

Monday I had Mumin club with L,

Tuesday was kindergarten work day, then gym

Wednesday we went to the childrens’ library, then gym

Thursday we went to the docs with H for hayfever meds, and then out for lunch and a bit of a play, then gym

Friday was spent doing a mad clean, then baking muffins (crap ones) for “Fun Friday”. 

It doesn’t really sound like much, but I’m also going through the dreaded monthly PMS, so I’m exhausted.  Y ended up working until 3:30 and not getting to bed until 5a.m.  Thinking it would be no fun sticking around the house with two active children trying to jump on their tired daddy, I got the three of us ready and we went out for breakfast.  I went straight for Kohi-Kan, which I usually avoid, because their coffee is over-priced, but today, I couldn’t be bothered.  The children each brought a bag of toys, which consisted of trains and cars.  H has named all of her cars after children in her class and she lines them all up and plays with them.  She has little people, but she always seems to prefer other things.  It used to be her little alphabet magnets, but the cars have replaced them.  So we ordered breakfast.  Mine was toast, a fried egg, a slice of ham and a salad at 150 yen.  The children had a piece of toast with a hard-boiled egg which cost just 60 yen each!  Our drinks cost 480 yen, and 250 each for the childrens, so it wasn’t really a good deal in the end, but we were all full, and my Viennese coffee was yummy.  The children got their trains and cars out, and as our seats were near a big windowsill, there was a great play space for them to use without making too much noise.

We left there and went off to Akachan Honpo (baby/childrens shop) to get H some new shoes.  I hate buying shoes here.  The baby ones and infant ones aren’t too bad, but once you hit 16 or 17cm, they are all crap wide trainers with next to no support.  My children, like me, are blessed/cursed with long narrow feet, so it’s a real trial to find decent shoes.  My Mum was always really good about getting us good fitted shoes, and I had flat feet after all that, so I suppose I just have it ingrained in me that shoes are important.  I can’t wait to go back to the UK in summer to get them some good ones.  At least even if just for a short time.  So in the end, we got some Converse ones, which are pretty decent, good(ish) arch support, and fasten tightly enough around her slim feet.  And they are very bright and cute too…bonus.

So back home and it was around 11:30, so I put away the laundry from Thursday that was still sitting folded in the basket, brought in the laundry from outside, folded it and put it away, then put the washing machine on for another load.  How annoying.  Y reared his head and asked if we were “doing anything today”.  After our morning (which sounds relaxing, but isn’t really with two hyper children), and the daunting task of laundry, lesson planning, and cooking lunch, it was the last thing I wanted to hear.  He got up, left the sheets all scrunched up, so I snapped, “Can’ you at least make the bed?!?”, and he did, but very badly, “thank you,” I snapped again.  “You’re welcome,” he replied…

After this the day kind of went from bad to worse.  I flitted between things trying to find something to focus on, but I couldn’t really.  I thought about painting somewhere, so sat down to find paint online with colours a bit more exciting than cream, beige and pastels..but it was all a bit much.  Then I flirted with lots of lovely retro wallpaper, but that was too much too.  I couldn’t even bear the thought of wallpaper stripping, and then calculating how much to order…so I took photos down from the wall and put them in other places.  Then I made lunch..pasta..that was a bit crap, so needed lots of salt and pepper to make it even half decent.  Then I’m not sure when this happened, but I got cross with Y again after bath and bedtime for the children.  Oh yes, I remember.  Y had gone out to buy ink for the printer so I could print out my stuff for work tomorrow.  I was grateful that he offered to go, but also felt a bit cheated, because it meant I had to put the children to bed, again, and try not to fall asleep while doing so.  Two hours later, he came home, with ink and two books.  I was mad at him for swanning around the bookshop while I was wrestling with pyjamas, eye drops, toothpaste and books.  Then clinging arms around my neck and tears. 

Then everything seemed to come out.  I couldn’t do something or other because I had to rely on Y to translate it.  Then I got annoyed that I have to rely on someone so unreliable.  Then it was because I didn’t study Japanese, then it was because someone didn’t earn enough money in his job, then I was ready for divorce. 

Just the usual monthly discussion with my husband.


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